Chapter 9 From Now and On, No Parties

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Drew broke the kiss.

"You should totally get drunk more often." he teased. I smirked. 

"So when is my mom and your dad coming?"  I asked.

"They are going to take quite a while. I think the longer they take, more freedom we have."  smiled Drew.

Drew  was quite for a moment. He looked at the pool and then at me. I knew what he was trying to say.

" Oh no, oh no no no you are not throwing me into the pool." I said moving away from Drew. 

He grabbed me.

I started to move my feet, trying to make him let me go but he was way to stronger than me.

" Kate relax it's only water. I promise I will go after you."  he laughed. We were already outside. Drew was only standing inched away from the pool.

"Drew don't you dare!" 

"Have fun." he winked and let go of me. 

I think I made a huge but I thought  wrong. Before I knew it, Drew was right  me. 

"See, I told you that I was going after you." he smiled. I noticed that he didn't have a shirt on. He was only in his dark blue boxers. I took off my shirt and my pants off. If we were going to be in the pool, I need to take my pants and shirt off and as well as socks. I actually like what my "bathing suit" was for now. I was a dark blue bra with a somewhat I suppose a leopard prints and a little bit of blue.

"So what do you want to do since we are here now." I asked him. 

"You know , I wanted to ask you something in the most craziest way. I hypothesis tells me that you will never forget this moment." 

He grabbed my hand from under the water. 

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

I smiled. I pulled him closer to me. "Of course I want to be the most craziest guy's girlfriend." I said placing my hands around his neck.  He smiled and leaned closer to give me a kiss. This time I broke the kiss. 

"Race yah." I winked.

He bit his lips. I was so close to the finish line but he grabbed me. 

"You are so sexy." he bit his lip.

I laughed. We got out of the pool. He really worked out hard  no wonder why I couldn't pulled myself out of him. 

"What?" he noticed. I met his gaze. 

" To much skin gets me anxious." I teased. He bit his lip once again.  He walked up to me and grabbed me by my back. He kissed me passionately. 2 minutes later his phone rang. 

" Answer it." I whispered. But he kept on kissing me.

"It could be your dad." I said and made him stop kissing me even though I really didn't want to.

"Believe I don't want to stop either." I smiled.

He gave me one last kiss and answered the phone. 

" Hello?" he answered

"Hey da-.....................wait what? You guys got bored? Oh-........okay then......see you guys in a few minutes."  

*He hung up*

He looked at me. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"They are coming in 15min-"

I cut him off," They are coming in 15 minutes! We haven't even cleaned the house.You know what we can do this. But we have to hurry, like right now!"

He started to clean the house first because it was a mess. There was vomits of people. Gross. We finished the house in 10 minutes which was an ultimate goal. We ran to the back yard and picked up as man as bottles of alcohol and cups. We heard the noise of a car door slam. We ran to the trash can and threw the trash away. I saw my mom walking to the kitchen with Robert. 

"There here." I squeaked

We saw that there was the bar place was still dirty and they were already here. We ran to the bar place. 

"Hey, just sit and act normal." he instructed.

Drew got a bag and to my surprised he slide everything perfectly in the trash bag.

"Kate?" said my mom

"Drew?" said Robert with the same questioning tone my mom made. 

"Hey guys!" I smiled.

Drew popped out from the bar table.

"Hey dad." He smiled "Want some lemonade?" said Drew as he was walking with 4 cups of lemonade in a plate.

Robert and my mo grabbed their cup and looked at me and Drew.

"Kate, why are you first of all Kate, wearing a bra with an underwear because I know that, that is not your bathing suit?" questioned my mom.

"Son, why are you wearing boxers?" asked Robert.


Uh it's the new bathing suits, it's a new trend, and mom if you didn't know, Drew and I went shopping yesterday and we bought these bathing suits." 

"Uh- yeah dad, and we jumped in the pool because we were and are so excited to see you guys again aren't we Kate?" added Drew smiling. 

"Way excited." I smiled to my mom and Robert. This was embarrassing.


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