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„When will she wake up?" Ivar asked Margrethe who tried to take care of this stranger girl. She cleaned her wound but it was still bleeding.

„I don't know. I have to stitch her up before she bleeds out," she turned to Ivar. „I've never seen her here before..," she mutered quitly. „Maybe you should shut up and actually help her," Ivar nervously spitted out. Margrethe secretly rolled her eyes but did what Ivar wanted from her. She knew what he was capable of doing and so she tried her best to stay quiet.

„I hope she doesn't bleed out..," Ivar almost whispered as he let out a breath. He let Margrethe work on this stranger girl and left the room. Ubbe was waiting outside. „Brother," he started. „Who is she? Where did she came from?" Ubbe was shooting questions and Ivar was annoyed. „Maybe you should ask her when she wakes up," Ivar rolled his eyes.

„Why are you here, Ubbe?" Ivar crossed his hands. „I was curious..," Ubbe was silenced immediately by the stare he got from Ivar. „And I brought you this," he pointed in the corner.

„What would I do without you, brother?" Ivar answered sarcasticly. He took the metallic contraption, which enabled him to walk and attached it to his legs. Ubbe tried to help him up, but Ivar refused with a deadly look in his eyes. „Your cripple brother can do this by himself," Ivar spitted out.

With all his upper body strength Ivar stood up. He was now as tall as Ubbe. Ivar's face lit up with a smirk because that's one of those few things that made him little happy. Both of the brothers walked together to the great hall. Streets were full of people. When Ubbe and Ivar were walking, everyone made a space for them. After all they were sons of Ragnar and heirs to the throne. Many feared them, many looked up to them. Everywhere they went, all the people were treating them as well as they could.

When they reached the great hall, it started to rain. There were few people inside talking and drinking ale. Together Ubbe and Ivar found a quiet place to sit. Ubbe's eyes were watching Ivar carefuly. „What, brother?" Ivar asked him. „Spit it out."

„Why didn't you kill her? Why bring her here?" Ivar snapped his fingers to get some ale. An older lady came up and filled his glass without making any eye contact. Before answering, Ivar took a sip of the dark substance in his hand. „She was bleeding out and yet she was either brave or stupid enough to try and disarm me," he let out a little giggle. „One more reason to kill her," Ubbe was still watching him, trying to notice any signs of Ivar's mood. He knew how Ivar worked. One moment he was okay and in a split of a second he was ready to kill somebody. He feared him a little because if he didn't, he would be stupid. Ivar was enigmatic.

„When she wakes up we will see what she's capable of. I'm very interested in her abilities." Ivar smiled after a long time.
„Is it a smile I see?" Ubbe mocked him. „Don't push me brother," Ivar tried to not sound excited but he failed. He was very curious about this girl and what gods were planning for her.

A boy around twelve years old opened the main door to the great hall and ran to the spot where Ivar and Ubbe were sitting. He was breathing heavily and his clothes were soaking wet. „The girl woke up and Margrethe can't hold her any longer! She needs help!" he yelled. Ubbe exchanged looks with Ivar.

„This is the last time brother, it will never happen again." Ivar whispered into his brother's ear while holding Ubbe's shoulders. Piggyback was the fastest way to get there. Ubbe was almost running with Ivar on his back.

Once they got to Margrethe, Ivar immediately stood up himself, acting as nothing happened. He was angry because he felt like a child. Ubbe was once his legs, when they were little. He swore it wouldn't happen again.

Margrethe was trying to hold that girl down. She was kicking and yelling two sentences. Ivar couldn't get them off his mind later.

*„Du kan ikke dræbe mig! Jeg er allerede død!" Then she stopped and passed out again. Ivar was intrigued. 

* "You can't kill me! I'm already dead!" 

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