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Diago and Sara stayed up through the night to watch their pups.

"I missed you." She purred into her companions fur.

"You have no idea how sad i was when i had to leave you." The alpha whinned

"I love you."

"And i you."

The next day they went to the river with their pups and Loki. The God Of Mischief stayed close to Sarafinas side

"Loki. " Called Diago

"yeah?" He looked towards the father wolf.

"Why don't you go play with the pups?" He questioned. Loki had got the hint and walked away to the river to wash.

Diago and Sara sat on a perch near the river to look over the pups.

"How are the Elders?" The female asked.

"They are fine. They are getting old however."

"Do you think they will pass soon?" The white wolf asked.

"They have lived for centuries. It's hard to tell when they will fall. But when they do it is a mystery who will take after." He stated

"You aren't thinking of entering? Are you?" She asked, however she was met with silence "you can't  wolves have died in the competition!" She exclaimed.

"Yes but have you seen all of the other wolves. During my travels all i heard from wolves was about them wondering about the death of the elders...all they want is power and i refuse to be ruled over by some weak Rouge!" He announced.

"Whoever would win definately wouldn't be weak..." she mumbled

"Plus, i would have the upper hand. We are twice the size of them other wolves." Diago stated, puffing out his chest proudly, happy about showing off to his mate.

"The size of a wolf does not compare to the size of Brain." Sara warned wisely.

"You have became wiser since the loss of our other kin." Diago sighed sadly before he felt a cold bite on his head and looked to find his pups smirking with Loki as they threw water at him. Diago growled playfully and pounced into the river.

Sarafina just watched, happy with the family she has created

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