forgetting problems and troubles

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Today was one of those days that everything would go wrong it all started Celestia's half brother Jughead need to write a report to present to his history class he decided to go for the history of the serpents even though he didn't know much about it Celestia however did her research before joining the serpents she wanted to understand all aspects of it like the meanings and origins. Jughead didn't think to ask his sister about these things he just thought she had the same knowledge as him so Toni suggested a sort of interview with her grandpa and of course he agreed so they went to the trailer where Jughead had found out the original serpents had been slaughtered by the supposed hero general pickens. the main reason for the history project was because pickens day was approaching in the park named after the man himself it explained to the boy that the original serpent was horned but had now been extincted Jughead took this into consideration and took things into his own hands Celestia was there to witness the whole thing along with toni "thank you grandpa its been a while i need to come see you more i'm sorry " Celestia had met Toni's grandpa many times before and they had been so close and he suggested she call him grandpa seeing as she was basically like a sister to Toni they walked out the trailer and jughead raised an eyebrow

"Grandpa? really C, this probably the first time you met him" the two girls stopped and glared at him she punched his arm " actually i've met him many times i was and still am super close with Toni here , jug you forget that i i've been dating for sweet pea for nearly two years now " toni butted in " two years next week " the girl scoffed "wow topaz you've been keeping count thats true friendship " they both giggled while jughead stood shaking his head they made it to their bikes and they all got on one by one Celestia leading the other two they rode next to her until they got to school and carried on with their normal day


it was the next day and the blue and gold had just been released. Toni and Celestia were shocked to see the front page was the interview that he had previously taken notes on they found him as soon as they could they pushed him into a nearby classroom and questioned him "General Pickens was a murderer and ripples from his gruesome acts continue to be felt today." toni spoke first then handed it to Celestia to read the rest "Descendants of the victims are still being displaced.So I challenge the Northside, instead of honoring men like General Pickens and Hiram Lodge, hold them accountable.Reparations must be paid to men like Thomas Topaz, who are too old and beaten down to fight back for themselves." jughead stood thinking then Celestia spoke up "jug what the fuck did you think you were doing or what you were gonna prove from this ?" "This town is messed up, and it needs to own up to its history." the two girls started to almost physically go red from anger "My grandfather isn't some broken-down victim, okay?"Celestia added in" Or some prop for your insane vendetta against the Northside." jughead shook his head "No, of course not." then toni carried on "Look, I get it.You hate the Northside." Celestia decided to speak again " You hate that instead of inviting you to a party, they asked you to work it.It triggers all your rage about being born on the wrong side of the tracks but look at me i spent all my life on the north side and i not long found out that my dad is the king of the south side but look i might be fucked up but i get through what i can " then the girls said in unison "But this? This wasn't your story to tell" toni shoved the newspaper into jugheads chest, linked arms with the other girl and they walked out leaving jughead to think about his mistakes

Celestia decided after school she would go to her dads trailer to see if jughead had come to his senses about apologising about his article he wrote she opened the door because she always knew it was unlocked and walked in to see jughead sitting on the couch with his head in his hands until he heard his sisters voice "have you learned your lesson yet?" he looked up and nodded"i think so i realise i shouldn't of done it but i did anyway " "now is there anything you wanna say now you've thought about it" she said leaning against the wall "i'm sorry ok is that what you want " she shook her head "not to me you idiot to Toni and her grandpa she's really upset about the whole thing and if you don't wanna lose her you better get your ass to hers then her grandpa's" he nodded and headed for the door but she stopped him "i'm coming with you i wanna hear what you have to say " he just carried on she followed and they jumped on their bikes to the pink haired girls living quarters and Celestia was the one to knock . a few seconds later the door opened "hey girl hows it goin" toni grinned but it soon fell when she saw who was behind her "what's he doing here ?" she snarled jughead came forward and said"Toni i came to apologise for the mistake i made i realise now i had no right to tell your grandpa's story and i wanna apologise to him as well "her expression softened and she nodded shutting the door behind her and walking down her steps to her bike

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