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Z a c h
Eventually my car ran out of gas. I decided it was best to go to a dealership and trade it in. That way it's a subtle clue. No I am leaving it so they can't recognize my car and find my path.

"What're you running from?" The guy from dealership asked handing me my new car keys.

Was I running for my life? Or was I running from it?

"Who said I was running?"

"It's not every day a kid comes in with a brand new car from L.A."

"I don't know. I just had to leave."

"Where ya running to?"

"I ain't telling you."

"Why? Did you do something bad?"

If you call being madly in love with your best friends boyfriend bad then yes I did do something bad.

"No, but even if I was a criminal why would I tell you?"

"So you did do something bad."

"Did I say that?"


"Well then shut up."

I turned around and went to my new car. It was kinda shitty but it worked.
Jesus Christ that guy is annoying.

After I got all my belongings from the old car into the new car I pulled out and drove into an empty lot.

I looked down at the picture in my hands. We were truly happy in that photo. It was the good days before janiel. Ugh I hate that. Jachary sounds way better. It's never gonna happen zach stop thinking about it.

"I'm sorry I left." I said to the picture tracing jack's silhouette.
Before I knew it tears were streaming down my cheeks.

Yes time alone with jack!
I wish he knew how I felt about him, but he never will.
He doesn't care about you like that zach.

"What are you going to draw on my back today?" Jack looked into my eyes and I nearly melted.

"Its a secret."

"But how will I ever find out what it is?"

"Just wait a couple of years."

"Ugh okay."

I started tracing hangman except it wasn't normal hangman. Instead of a stick figure hanging it was me. But then in the other side it was me and jack kissing.

The meaning behind that was 'life can go in two different ways, you decide.' I didn't know whether or not to die or to see if me and jack have a chance.

I chose the middle. I will physically hurt myself but not enough to die.
I just couldn't do that to jack.

*end of flashback*
Why didn't you just end it all that night?
It would've saved you from pain.
I grabbed my note book and wrote,
Dear jack,
That day I wouldn't tell you what I drew on your back. It was a secret but when you read this you'll understand. On one half was me hanging and the other was us kissing. 'Life can go in two directions you just have to choose' is what I put under the drawing. It meant I could either die or see if we have a chance. I chose the middle, hurting but not dying.
I pulled out of the lot and kept moving forward.
Only a couple more days and im free from worries.

J a c k

I looked on zachs computers search history.
I scrolled down a bit.

Map of paper towns...

I remember the day we watched paper towns together.

It was the end of the movie.
I looked at Zach.
"So what did you think?"

"I. Am. So. Inspired. By. Margot. Roth. Spiegelman."

"What do you mean by that?"

"She inspires me to do something like that in the future."

"Why would you want to run away?"


"Would you ever come back?"

"It depends."

"Depends on what?"

"It depends on whether or not there's a reason to come home or not."

After that he got up and walked away.

                                          *end of flashback*
I quickly grabbed my phone and texted Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Logan, and myah to meet me in zach's room.

Once everybody was in here I told them my suspicion.

"Why would zach want to run away though?" Myah asked

"I think I know.." Corbyn replied

"Why wouldn't you tell us this yesterday?" Daniel yelled

"He didn't want me to tell anyone."

"Can you please just tell us?" Logan chimed in

"Zach told me that he likes jack as more than just a friend and seeing how Daniel had everything he wanted hurt him way to much. He told me that eventually one day he was going to have to leave before he committed suicide. I just never thought that day would be soon."

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