[5. Tender]

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Tommy POV ~

"Have mercy."

I groaned as I placed my head in my arms. Finally all the Russian paperwork was finished and signed, and I was ready to send men to deliver the artillery to the Russians.

These people were fucking mad. The wars over and they've decided to fight amongst themselves.

Sipping on the drink I'd poured myself only moments ago, I wandered what else I had to do today that would keep my mind of getting drunk before midday.

Thinking about the Russians made me realise, there really is no excuse not to go and give them their weapons myself so thats what I'd do. Being stuck in this house 24/7 isn't healthy, as it just drove me even more insane than I already was.

I knew I couldn't go meeting people looking like I only owned one shirt, so I made my way into the bedroom and picked out something more suitable. A pair of trousers with braces around a pale blue shirt, worked along with a simple waistcoat and tie. Before I slipped on my jacket I placed a gun in the holder, and swung it around my shoulders hidden away. As I made my way down the large stairway a maid stood holding my coat out for me, next to the stand with my cap.

"When will you be back sir?" She asked as I pulled my cap over my head.

"Fuck knows," I hardly mumbled as I made my way out the door. Having already called men to meet me at the docks, I drove off alone smoking on a cig feeling lost. Lost because it was as if there was nothing else left for me here. Yes I have the businesses and people relying on me but fuck it. If I continue like this I'm going to reach breaking point, and then nobody will want me around.

The docks weren't to far from the house, and by the time I got there people were already packing the guns into boats ready to sail of. From passed experiences we've figured it's much safer to ship than drive gear like this unless, we want to end up in a noose.

"I see you're getting on fine with my gear Charlie," Startling him I placed a hand on his shoulder.

"What is all this Tom?" I knew he was worried about me and the state I was in at the moment, but he'd always been once our father left. Charlies the only one that was there for all of us, when we needed it, and still he lives and works in this shithole; even though he could have so much more.

"If told you you wouldn't believe me."

"Try me," He said smiling puffing away on his cig. "You need to be outside Tom just like your mother would be."

"I have people here that need me," We were overlooking Johnny Dogs' men bundling boxes into boats. I stepped down and grabbed one of the boxes off the men and looked through it, it had exactly what the Russians had ordered: guns and artillery parts.

"Look you make sure these get there with no fuckin' problems okay?" My stare was enough for him to know how serious this operation was.

We said nothing more and I walked of behind the boats and nearing the streets of small heath again, to find everyone else. The fog clouded over the city making it thick and hard to walk through. Luckily it wasn't too far away from the docks, making it quick and easy to get to. I knew the betting shop was closed for a few hours, so I would get a chance to get work done without getting distracted.

Smoke hit me as I walked into the large room where tables were set up with books and slips, and at the far side of the room were offices. Only Arthurs and Johns were around everyone else, however mine was away from the crowds and near where the secretarys worked instead.

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