chapter two

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"why do people murder?" the professors loud voice echoed off the walls of his room, earning some strange looks from his students. the lecture hall was beautifully decorated, sporting dark patterns on the walls to represent humans doing various things, such as crying and laughing. the rows of desks were dark brown, complimenting the ominous aura that flooded the room.

taehyung looked up from his notebook, interested in the new topic. for the past hour his professor had been dragging on and on about the boring syllabus, so this change of topic caused him to grow intrigued. 

he knew that his phycology class would be dark, but fuck, not this dark. he found himself interested in the topic, slightly on edge at learning what went on inside a murderer's head. he had always loved learning about mental illness' and what caused people to go insane; this class, he quickly realized, would fuel his passion even more. 

"because of hatred." a girl in the last row of the hall spoke up, seeming confident in her answer. everyone turned back to their professor, eager to hear his response.

"then why do people murder their loved ones? or someone whom their infatuated with?" the professor leaned back against his desk, looking around the room for anyone willing to answer his question. the class stayed silent, some people turned their heads to look for anyone with a response.

the professor has a scraggly white beard covering the lower half of his face, evident that he hadn't shaved in a very long time. his grey hair wasn't combed, so it sat messily atop his head. in all honesty, taehyung assumed he hadn't showered in a long  while as well. 

taehyung thought hard for an answer to his question, but found none. he bit his lip, wanting to hear how and why a person would do such a thing. there wasn't any excuse to murder someone, but he was still interested in someone's potential reasoning behind it.

the professor sighed and walked to the opposite side of the room, near another cluster of students. "people murder for different reasons. i'm sure everyone in this room has a person they would potentially murder, and a reason for doing so."

taehyung furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head slowly. there's nobody on earth he would murder. he didn't hate anyone enough for that, not even close. there were many people in his life whom he didn't like, but nobody that he would go as far as hurting or killing them.

"kim taehyung." taehyung looked up at the calling of his name. he felt all eyes turn to him as the professor stared at him, an intrigued look on his face. he didn't think the professor would even know his name, let alone call on him.

"you wouldn't murder anyone?"

he felt a sudden weight of pressure land on him. dozens of people stared at him, awaiting his response. his cheeks flared red, his eyes silently pleading for anyone to speak for him. he cleared his throat awkwardly, slightly coughing while doing so. "no, i'm not a psychopath."

 a low chuckle was heard from the professor as he walked back to his desk. he sat down in his chair with a slight glimpse of wonder in his eyes. taehyung held his breath, waiting for any type of reaction from the man. the professor leaned over his desk slowly, making his students even more intrigued.

the man took one last glance at his class before turning and staring directly at taehyung. they made eye contact, making the younger boy gulp quietly. the professor smirked, making chills crawl against taehyung's skin.

"everyone's a psychopath. you just haven't gotten pushed to your limit yet."


"how was class?" hoseok asked as he placed the plate of pizza onto their table. taehyung shrugged his shoulders, staring down at the salad in front of him. 

they sat in a crowded café, talking amongst themselves. dozens of people came in and out, paying no mind to the two teenage boys eating their first college lunch.

"kinda weird. but eh, it's my first day and i'm already getting called a psychopath so." hoseok laughed loudly at this, his adams apple bobbing up and down as he chuckled. "i'm not even gonna ask what the fuck you mean." taehyung chuckled before taking a sip from his water bottle.

"who was that guy yesterday? i wanted to ask last night but i felt like it was too personal. i dunno, he seemed kinda weird." hoseok seemed uncomfortable talking about it, but he was curious and slightly intrigued by the strange boy.

"honestly, i don't even know. i got off the elevator and he was just staring at me." taehyung got creeped out again just talking about it. he thought back to the way the boys eyes burned into him, making the hairs on his arms stand straight up.

"oh. weirdo." hoseok ended the conversation like that, leaving them in a comfortable silence. hoseok took a bite of his pizza as he stared off into space, eyes not fixated on one certain thing. taehyung listened to the quiet pop song that was heard over the loud noise of pedestrians that surrounded the café.

"holy shit." hoseok's mouth dropped fully open, his eyes open wide in shock. taehyung furrowed his eyebrows before looking in the direction that hoseok was staring at. he felt his blood run cold as the wind was knocked out of him, leaving him in a panicked state.

jeon jeongguk sat at one of the tables across the café, staring off into space. he wore the same black hoodie as he had the day before, although it seemed slightly cleaner. "he was fucking staring at you." hoseok whispered, making taehyung turn so fast his neck started to hurt. "what?"

"when i first noticed him he was staring at you. then as soon as you turned he fucking looked away." hoseok whispered through his teeth. taehyung gulped before taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

"maybe it's just a coincidence. he probably just came here to get something to eat and recognized me from yesterday." taehyung reasoned, making hoseok scoff. "dude, does he not give you the fucking creeps?"

taehyung rubbed his forehead with his right hand as he closed his eyes, stressed by the entire situation. "he does. but still, it's most likely just a coincidence." hoseok sighed before leaning back in his seat. he quickly glanced over to the table jeongguk was at cautiously before turning back to taehyung.

"maybe he's a stalker." hoseok joked, trying to lighten the mood. taehyung scoffed and rolled his eyes. "i don't have a stalker."

"that's what someone with a stalker would say." hoseok giggled, turning to see jeongguk get up from his seat and walk out of the cafe. taehyung just shook his head and took another bite from his salad, knowing that he absolutely did not have a stalker.


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