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Louis walked into the bidding room. He looked through the glass, seeing only darkness.

''I hope that you'll find what you're looking for, sir.'' His bodyguard told him before shutting the door and leaving Louis alone in the quiet room.

The blue-eyed man poured himself a glass of champagne and sat down on the chair, still staring at the empty room on the other side of the glass.

Then the lights turned on. Louis tried looking in the other rooms, but he couldn't see any faces because of the blinded windows.

"Dominants, welcome to this bidding session. We'll only sell submissives for this session. Please take a seat and press the button in front of you when you want to add 50 000 pounds to the price called before you."

A buff man walked to the middle of the room, his arm was wrapped around a young boy with blonde hair.

''Submissive boy, 18 years old. Has already had two masters.'' A voice said through the speakers.

''Bidding starts at 100 000 pounds.''

Louis looked at the boy. Sure he was pretty, but he wasn't what Louis was looking for.

''200 000, 250 000, 300 000 pounds.''

''Sold for 300 000 pounds.'' The boy was pulled away from the stage and a topless girl was up next.

Louis lowered his eyes, not attracted to females at all.

''Submissive girl, 20 years old. Into ddlg and had one master before stopping for two years. Bidding starts at 150 000 pounds.''

Louis grimaced at the mention of ddlg. That was something he just couldn't do.

The girl was sold for over 400 000 pounds. Louis huffed. The blonde boy was much prettier than her, why would they give so much money for her.

A boy walked into the room. He was kinda short with black hair and blue eyes.

''Submissive boy, 19 years old. His first year as a submissive, but is not a virgin. Bidding starts at 200 000 pounds.''

Louis pressed the button. This boy was a bit more innocent than the blonde one so that should be interesting.

Then the boy started posing. His hand on his hip. He looked at Louis his window and blew a kiss at him

Louis huffed and pulled his hand away from the green button. Nope, not this one. He wanted somebody who was innocent and not too full of themselves.

''Sold for 350 000 pounds.'' The black haired lad trotter away from the tiny stage and a set of doors on the other side of the room opened.

The buff man walked into the room again with a struggling boy. Louis sat up straight and took a sip of his champagne.

He tried to take a look at the boy, but a blanket was wrapped around his body and his head was hanging low between his shoulders.

The man pushed the trembling boy on the stage and ripped away the blanket before pushing up his chin with a cane.

Louis almost gasped at the boy his beauty.

''Submissive boy, 17 years old, still a virgin and this is his first year as a submissive." The voice through the speaker spoke.

Louis bit his lip and looked at the curly haired boy.

He was wearing simple black panties which made his milky white thighs look delicious. He had blazing green eyes filled with fear and insecurity, his brown curls were swept to the side and framed his pale face perfectly, his lips were pink and plump and god... Louis wanted, no, Louis needed to buy this boy.

Not because he was so innocent and beautiful, no. The boy didn't want to be here. Louis could see that. The boy looked so scared and lost.

It made Louis want to wrap his arms around his shaking form and cuddle him close until he was warm again.

''450 000 pounds?''

Louis his head snapped up. He'd already missed 2 bids. He slammed his finger on the button.

''500 000 pounds.''

''550 000 pounds.'' Louis groaned and pressed the button again scratching his chin. This boy was his now. Whatever the price had to be.

''600 000 pounds, 650 000"

Then his body started to tremble. Either from the cold or because he was terrified. Everybody knew some dominants were monsters to their subs. Louis wasn't one of them.

Louis clicked a few buttons with numbers and looked at the boy again. He pressed the green button and smirked, knowing the boy was officially his now.

''850 000 pounds...''

''Sold for 850 000 pounds."

The boy was pulled off stage by his hair and Louis nearly jumped through the window to snap the man's neck who was treating his submissive so poorly.

But, Louis decided to relax in his chair and look at the other submissives, pressing the button every now and then to make to other's bid higher.

Another young blonde boy walked on stage. He smiled politely at the guard who helped him up and shyly grabbed his arm.

"Submissive boy. 19 years old. Irish. Second year as a submissive. His first master died in a car crash." Louis stared at the boy in sympathy.

Suddenly his phone rang. Louis picked up. "Hello?"

"Louis! I want him. Please, lord I want him." His friend Liam yelled through the phone.

"Then maybe you should start bidding, mate." Louis chuckled when he heard Liam gasp. He hung up and the voice in the speaker let the other's know what prices were thrown around.

"Sold for 700 000 pounds. That was the end of this bidding session, you can collect your purchases in the room with your name above it. Thank you for coming and see you next time!"

The dominant quickly downed his champagne, he paid for it so he will finish it.

Louis opened the door. His bodyguard looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"Any success this time, sir?" Louis smiled at the thought of the curly haired beauty waiting for him in the other room.

In the next sentence Louis says PRINCE! Otherwise it would say prize. If I change it I loose all the other nice comments on that paragraph so please stop commenting about how Louis shouldn't degrade H like that. He isn't.

Again, in the sentence bellow, what Louis meant to say was PRINCE.

''Let's collect my price.'' Louis said while grinning from ear to ear.

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