50 Things To Do When You're Bored

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1. Play mario cart balloon battle. Take a notepad and talley the number of characters you "killed off"

2. Annoy your fellow siblings with a short theme song you make up in your head.

3. Text message your friends backwords and see how long it takes them to figure it out. Ex: !!sdneirf olleh

4. Scream out your window the first thing that pops into your head.

5. Put AND lock Nayan Cat 10 hour version on your phone and lock both your phone and your bestfriend in a closet. See how long it takes them to escape and try to break your neck.You can do this with Rebecca Black's Friday as well.

6. Make up weird rhymes that go in tune with  "Im Sexy and I Know It"

7. Go outside and follow the first person you run into.

8. Go to the local dollar store and ask the cashier dumb questions like "What colors are your blueberries?", "How much does your (insert money amount) bread cost?" and so on.

9. Rearrange the magnets on your fridge to form a robot.

10. Make a drink of many flavors and tell your friend to drink it. Make sure its NOT poisonous ; )

11. Switch your closet with your siblings and when they find out it was you, blame Mr. Nobody

12. take a hook of some sort and tie it to the end of a thread or string (or something really think like that). open your window and go window-fishing!!

13. Flip through random channels and say your opinion aloud. Such examples are; "You suck", "I like you, but not now", "Eeeew! Elderly person channel!", "Ugh, not this again", and so on.

14. Go onto the most used computer in your house (or the only one), and go onto your homepage.Type into the search engine "This is reserved" DO NOT HIT ENTER. See how many famiy members fall for it!

15. Draw a very crappy drawing of someone.

16. Sleep.

17. Hide in a closet and repeatedly call your housephone untill a family member answers. Then hang up on them.

18. Find someone doing their homework, reading, or something else important with words and numbers (unless they are on the phone) and say random letters and numbers.

19. Write a poem and send it to someone via mail.

20. Read a story on Wattpad!! Oh wait... you're doing that...

21. Make up senerios in your head about you and someone your friends with.

22. Have an eating contest with a sibling.

23. Run into the nearby woods screaming "ITS A SQUIRREL!!" (don't ask how I got this one. I just have A LOT of guy friends that do the dumbest things...)

24. Make up weird sayings, put them on sticky notes, and post your sayings throughout your town/ city.

25. Take window-drawing markers and doodle on all the windows to make them colorful and pwettie!!! : D

26. Gasp everytime someone passes by you.

27. Try to find Narnia!

28. Write weird short stories on a notepad. Who knows where you'll use them... *hint* *hint*

29. Make up your own language and speak in it randomly!!

30. Draw a heart on your nose and some whiskers and pretend to be an agile cat!

31. Get into an argument with yourself about oreos.