In The Alpha's Basement

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What does it mean to be an Alpha?

It's question nobody asks because they all know. Heads would turn and eyebrows would raise and your aunt Helen would say, "oh, she's been askin' weird questions since day one."

It's a question that everybody knows the answer to. It's your earliest memory that pops up which technically isn't an answer but a feeling inside you that explains everything. It's that early winter morning when your parents house lost all its heat because of the storm, and a big man in a big coat comes through the door and helps your father put the wood he brought into the fireplace. You watch with your tired four year old eyes, elated when there's finally warmth, but the best part is when he takes out the cherry candy he brought you, as if warmth during a snowstorm wasn't enough.

If you travelled south and north, east and west, you'd get the same reaction to your question. Because everybody knows what an Alpha is. A dedicated man or woman, a person who would go to the ends of the earth to keep you safe. They have love in their hearts for all that is and it's the one strength no Alpha is without.

However I, unfortunately, do not believe in such things anymore.

Hi guys. This is just a preview of the story, not really a chapter.

As you can see, my username is ScarletFrost. And on the cover it says redrosecrystals. That was my previous username.


*this book is currently going through some heavy editing, so if you find any inconsistencies, that would be why*

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