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Pick on the side of Megan.



The Contest Romance Chapter 1: My life changes.

I. Hate. My. Life.

This canNOT be happening. My life is changing. COMPLETLY.

I also hate my little sister. She entered me in this stupid contest to freaken LIVE with some random band!

Guess who that band is?

One FREAKEN Direction! I dont even like them! Ok so maybe I do a little but thats beside the point. My aunt's sister's daughter's husband is there stupid manager and they told my freaken little sister about some contest to live with them and guess what? She entered ME in and I freaken WON!!! I'm saying that like it's bad -not good. Like I said I hate my life.

------------------------- 4 weeks later ------------------------

"Bye Megan!" My mom says for the hundreth time.

"Mom I'll be fine." I complained.

"I know but my daughter is leaving me! And it's so soon!" My mom said wipping a tear.

"You can thank Kate for that." I mumble

My little sister - Kate - rolles her eyes.

Ding! Ding! "Flight 9743 to London England is now boarding." a female voice says over a speaker.

"Got to go!" I say way to eagerly and leave my parents and Kate.

I hop on the plane - not litterally - and sit down.

----------------- 25 minutes later -------------------

"You may now move about the cabin and use electronics." The flight attendent anounceses.

I sigh and pull out my iPod and click the on button. A picture of One Direction shows up and without thinking I turn on the music. Then i look at the screen.

This. Is. Not. My. IPod.

Oh crap.

this is my sister's iPod.

My sister, the 1D fanatic. My sister, the 1D lover. My sister, who's obsessed with 1D.

Oh crap.

I quickly fumble to the settings and try to change her screen savers.


I try 5 times.

• One Direction - Wrong! -

• OneDLuver - Nope try again -

• OneD+Me - No not it -

• OneDQueen - Wrong again -

• OneDirectionInfection. - Big Fat NO! -

I finally quit. Great. Just great. Now those idiots in the band will think I'm some stupid fangirl.


-------------- Hours Later -------------------

"We will be landing shortly, thank you for flying with us." A women says.