Hey, NFL Super Bowl fans! This will be your lucky day!

      Sam Skarda, Rick Shefchik's incredible sports investigator, is back with another novel in the Sam Skarda Sports Mystery Canon, and I think everyone at Grand Central Publishing is about to crack the case again with a rapid-fire tale of Ethan Braddock, age 27, a Philadelphia Eagle who, at one point in Skarda's life, punts, thumbles and throws a football at the NFL-endorsed New England Patriots professional football club. When Braddock gets bamboozled on the gridiron while Skarda shouts "Yea, Eth Braddock!" he sees the Patriots go head-to-head with the famed Philadelphia Eagles at the 2018 NFL Super Bowl LI professional football championship.

 All of a sudden, Skarda's life changes, when winning the final National Football League game of the season just makes the cut, he goes after Ethan with vengeance, conspiring, bullying, illegal theft and a secret mission allowing Skarda to fight the tyranny of fantasy football.

In my previous novels The Aspiration of Detective Broderick Throckmorton and Frank Merriman, P.I., I have revealed a series of cases involving larceny, mafia conspiracy, pickpocketing, murder and chicanery, among the other law enforcement-oriented themes that I chose for both novels. Patriot Machine tells the story of Sam Skarda at his riveting best, proving readers will get to know Skarda at his own risk.

       As for Schefchik's legendary Skarda character, I am about to shoot blanks at the Pats and the Eagles with a fierce explaination of football's most experienced young players in the league.

 First featured in Amen Corner, followed by Green Monster and Frozen Tundra, Sam Skarda, P.I. is the most read participation sports private investigator and amateur golfing ace ever published. I am filling in the shoes left by Rick Shefchik himself as I pursue a career as a professional writer of incredible improvisational observational humor and compelling law enforcement suspense. Each chapter of Patriot Machine depicts an amazing crime involving Eth and his Eagles players throwing footballs against the Pats.

     My thanks go out to Rick Schefchik, who created Sam Skarda during the 2000s and has made him a self-proclaimed author; my brothers David, aka "Starbuck," and Dan - her's called himself "Schlock" - for their dedication to Patriot Machine. 

       I would dedicated this book to Dan Barreiro, Corey Cove, Paul "Meatsauce" Lambert and the staff and management of iHeart Radio/Minneapolis-St. Paul; Joe Soucheray and John Shipley of the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota; Tony Kornheiser; Tony Reali; Eli Manning; Trey Wingo; Jim Rome; Bob Costas; and Evan Haning for making Patriot Machine the highly anticipated Sam Skarda novel ever published in the United States.

    And, finally, I congratulated everyone at Grand Central Publishing, the entire Lagardere Group; and the people at Bayport Pringting House in Bayport, Minnesota for printing this novel. 

Once again...

I ain't got time to blog!

Mark T. Watson

February 2018

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