Chapter 32

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Afterward everything went really fast and I was wheeled into the delivery room. Doctors and nurses were scrambling and Destery remained by my side.

He gave me encouraging looks and held my had the whole time.

They made an exception so I could have Hannah, my mom, and Destery in the room. I was grateful to have them with me.

I was grateful for the epidural as well.

I had to push a lot. And while I was numb it was still a lot of pain. I was so tired and I know I looked a mess.

But eventually she was born. Yes, the baby is a she.

Destery let me name her Anastasia. Hannah thought it was lame and I don't know if Destery liked it. But I've loved the name since I first saw that Disney movie Anastasia, the one about the Russian princess.

I love that movie.

They cleaned her up and handed her to me.

"Hey! Hey baby!" I said.

"Hey Anastasia, my little baby......I love much." I started to cry. This little bundle in this pink blanket. I loved her more than anything.

Suddenly I began to feel dizzy. Machines began to go off and they took her from me.

I reached for her but Destery was by my side rubbing my forehead.

"Doctor, she's bleeding. It won't stop. We need to preform emergency surgery. Get her to ICU." A nurse yelled.

I looked at Destery, his face was filled with worry as they ran me to ICU. Lots of shouts where everywhere. I couldn't focus, all I knew was I had to stay awake. I can't go to sleep. My baby needs me.

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