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Diago eyed the man who was welcomed into his home. Loki looked anywhere but the Alphas large brown eyes. Sara was watching closely, holding in the urge to step in. Diago was a nice wolf. He was loyal, Strong, independant and understanding, but he hated humans. Whether they are normal or come from a different planet, he hates them.

Diago sniffed at him and his ears lightly twitched. His eyes darkened as he opened up his mouth. Sara stepped in quickly.

"He saved Eugene." She stated lightly. "It was cold and he fell under the snow. Loki quickly alerted me so i could save him in time..." She barked at her mate. The Alpha looked towards his kin

"Is this true?" He asked them. He recieved nodds in return before looking back at the god. "You can stay. I will allow you to become my Kin. But you must abide by the rules." The male wolf stated.

"Thank you Sir." He smiled gratefully before being cuddled by the pups.

Sara and Diago walked to the entrance of the cave.

"Where have you been all these months?" The alpha female asked.

"I had to see the Elders." Diago sniffed Sarafina's neck gently "If i could of seen you sooner i would have." He defended, seeing the hurt in those sparkling blue eyes.

"The pups have missed you so much." She mumbled into his dark brown fur.

"And i them."

"You should leave them alone." Loki stated from the other side of the cave. He watched the two mates talk and nuzzle.

"Awww," The twins moan.

"But i miss Daddy!" Yuki whinned.

"I know you do- they need time for themselves." Loki smiled as his brothers and sister's bodies drop to the floor as they sleep. He doesn't know fully what Diago thought about him and where he stood now Diago was here, but he knew that he would have to get used to having him around...

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