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          Since the very beginning, our ancestors have watched the new generations fall accustomed to their same mistakes, and remain slaves to the very same weaknesses.  For thousands of years, history would continue to repeat itself, as man faced the never ending struggle with his own consequences.  Time would only intensify the corruption and selfishness of the people.  Rulers were conquered, and the boarders that had so long protected the land were demolished nearly overnight.  It was every man for himself, if you wanted something you simply fought for it, even if it didn't belong to you.  The difference between right and wrong had faded away, good and bad was believed only to have existed in fairy tales.  As for justice, well it was abandoned long before the others.  Life had simply become a competition between the weak and the strong, a game that had no rules or directions.  Some said that it was a spiritual battle that could not been seen through the eyes of man, others believed it was the second coming of Sodom and Gomorrah.  But nearly everyone agreed it was a living hell.

          Yet out of the destruction rose a new beginning, a group of discontent outcasts and rebels.  They despised the wickedness of man, and longed to rid the people of  their shameful ways.  They called themselves the Authors, for they devised to take control of the region, and write the history of man themselves.  For a very long time, they remained hidden and nearly invisible, no one would have expected such a force in the making.  Over time their numbers flourished, and they trained their young in strict morals and discipline.  For they knew that one day their children would rise up and not only restore, but revolutionize the land.  And it would never be the same again.

          Centuries later, they became strong and vast enough to overthrow the people, and like a thief in the night, they emerged to rule the land.  They named their new province Emery, which means "brave and powerful."  They swore to never-again allow such sinfulness to dwell among them.

          However, the Authors knew that the nature of the people was insufficient and subject to do wrong.  They decided that man was no longer fit to determine his own fate.  They saw choice as a privilege and it was too long taken for granted.  It was then established that every boy and girl at the age of twelve would be given an Author.  The Author alone would be responsible for the future of their subject, until one day they can be trusted with their own destiny.  For many, the Authors plans far exceed the expectations of the child, but for some, it is a battle of the mind and body, a constant struggle to do what one does not want to do.  

          The people have lived under these demands for nearly a thousand years, and no one had ever dared to question the power of the Author.  

But then there was Salem...

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