3. To [my friend]

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This is just but a simple thought.

Maybe this wasn't meant to be.

Maybe we were still supposed to be friends?


Now I truly wonder.

We were such good friends. 

We did so much together.

What happened?


To [my friend]*:

You were my life.

I woke up every day, waiting to see the smile on your face.

What happened... to us?


I gave up so much just for you.

Maybe I did too much.

Maybe you got bored of me,

Tired of me hanging out around you so much. 

Maybe I wasn't good enough?


I don't know what to do.

I thought we were friends.

We studied together, and laughed together.


Maybe we changed.

Maybe I changed.

Maybe you changed.


But we were friends.

Friends stick by each other,

No matter what. 


Friends get through everything,

No matter what. 


So what happened?

So what happened,

To us?


We stuck together for everything,

We laughed at the stupidest things.

Now that I think of it,

It was stupid.

But most of all,

We did things together



They always told me that,

You were bad news.

I never believed that.


But maybe.

We're over,

For good?


I miss you.

I miss us

I miss being able to laugh with you.


What happened?


I don't know what happened,

But I'm not letting go of you.

You deserve so much more,

Much more than I can give.


But I'll be selfish,

And fight for you,

Even if it costs me,

My life.





*I put an element of anonymity in here by just referring to the person as "my friend." Obviously there is some more to that, but I prefer not to reveal just yet. Thank you guys for your support, "Letters" has been doing great the past few days (in the matter of rankings, reads, comments, and votes.) Please share if you enjoy this! 

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