Chapter 2

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Y/n's POV~

It was the beginning of the holidays and I couldn't stop thinking about him. Before I knew it, the two-week holiday had finished, and the new term was starting. It was the second month of Autumn (April) in Australia and it was kind of a chill weather. I had just finished my first class, now I had an elective class, art. It was one of my favorite subjects.

"Y/n!" I turned to see my best friend Lee Jeno. He likes teasing me and he calls me 'Sloth' because I like to sleep.

I greeted him, and both walked into class. My friends waved to me to come sit with them.

"Ooh, Y/n. You and Jeno would look cute together! You two should date!" My friend Bo-Mi said. We call her Bo for short.

"Yah! We're just friends!" I tapped her shoulder.

She laughed it off and told me it was just a joke. For some reason I really did think, maybe he does like me. I waved it off and continued my work of art. I was doing a portrait of Min Yoongi from BTS. He's my bias and ugh their music is just-

My thoughts were interrupted by the bell.

Finally! Food Time!

Jeno's POV~

I caught up with her. Y/n looked so pretty today. She had her black hair in a nice simple ponytail with her red scrunchy. I blushed. I had art with Y/n now and decided to walk with her to class. We walked in and went to our own friends. Chenle and Jeongin sat smiling at me. "What's with the smile?" I ask.

"You really like her, don't you?" Chenle said.

"It's a pity she likes someone else." Jeongin said.

"Yeah, but I'm willing to wait." I replied.

The bell went for first break. I went to sit down when I saw Y/n sitting by herself waiting for her friends. I went over to say hi, but for some reason I began to tease her. I stole her hat and ended up getting in trouble by the teacher on duty.

Y/n's POV~

I sat back down, and my friends finally arrived. April, Melinda and Bo kept teasing me about Jeno, but I was looking at someone else. Felix. I could see him with his friends, his smile made me blush. He looked my way and I quickly looked away. My friends looked where I was originally looking, "Dude, is that the guy you like??? What's his name??? Is he in the same grade as us???" April and Melinda interrogated me.

"Fine. I like him, so what. He's in a grade older than us and his name's Felix." I sighed. 

My friends kept teasing me for the rest of first break. The bell went and we were walking to our next class, we happened to pass Felix. I avoided eye contact when-

"Y/N'S FABULOUS!!!!!!!!" My friends said loudly. Felix, Jisung, Hyunjin, Seungmin and Changbin (who's two years our senior) looked at us with judging faces and tried not to stifle a laugh. I was so embarrassed and punched my friend's shoulders as soon as we were out of their sight.

This was going to be a hectic school year.



Onion!!! I see you still reading my crappy story on school life. Welp, thanks for reading and I hope you're enjoying it. I may not update often cause of school, so please be patient.  If you're wondering, "Where's Chan, Minho and Woojin?" Well, wait for the chapters of the future. ;)

(Dear, two lovely friends of mine... you know who you are. I love you very much.  Thanks for everything 😑💜)

  Thanks for everything 😑💜)

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