"Blaze," A voice suddenly says, but everything is dark pitch black. "Blaze, please."

More darkness as my whole body fills with warmth and a rush of eurphoria passes through me. The blood beneath my veins feels like it's filled with ice, but yet bubbling with lava at the same time. It feels so good. Better than any high I've ever felt in my entire life. 

"Blaze!" The sound gets louder as I hear ringing in my ears, and feel my arms and legs tingling as I get the chills. "Please Blaze! Please. Just, just do something!"

I try to catch my breath because I feel like my hearts stopped, but I can't take in any air. My lungs feel like they're about to burst and my face fills up with unexpected heat, as a long and intense rush takes over my mind. I feel like I'm flying through outerspace and nobody can pull me back down.


And suddenly, I'm able to use ever ounce of strength inside of me, to open my eyes. And that's when it's just a blur. Until I see Juliana staring deep into my eyes, all under her cheeks completely soaked with tears.

I part my lips to say something but I physically, can't.

"I know you can hear me now," she softly lets out, cupping her hands on my face as I continue to keep staring at her for as long as I can.

And the rush ends, for now, at least. "Julie," I let out, but barely.

"You asshole," she says, sobbing as she leans down and rests her forehead on my neck. "I thought you were dead."

"Not dead," I gently mumble, finally realizing I have use and control over my arms as I lift them and wrap them tightly around her. And she cries even harder against me. "Hey, look... at me."

She slowly leans back still straddling my waist, as her bottom lip quivers and I gently put my finger to her lips. 

"I'm in reality. . . at the moment," I honestly tell her as she starts to cry again until I shake my head and hold her chin with my hand. "I'm sorry. I. . . I shouldn't have acted that way." 

"You had every right to be upset--"

"I never would have," I stop talking because my sentence is lost in my mind. The same feeling comes back to me as I feel immediately drained, my body feeling with warmth again as I rest my head against the wall behind me.

"Blaze, don't you dare drift off again!" She rushes out as my hands fall to the ground and she tightly holds her hands on my neck. "Don't give in."

And she thinks I can handle it? I'm high on heroin and I'm gone. The same feeling comes racing through me, feeling longer this time. So fucking high I feel like if I could hold up my hands I'd touch the ceiling, or even higher. Nothing has ever felt so amazing before. 

Until the heat passes my body and I nod back to reality.

Opening my eyes, I see my girlfriend still gazing deep and closely into my eyes. "Do you remember  the first time you met me?" Her question just doesn't seem to make sense. "I had blood on my hands and you helped me wipe it off. What did you give me?" She pleads as I deeply exhale.

"My. . . my shirt," I breathe out, loving her smile even though there's black makeup under her eyes.

"That's right. And what did you tell me?" She asks, softly giggling afterward. "I'm a guy, I'm not afraid of blood."

I can't help but grin.

"I swear right then, I knew you were the one."

"This high... Julie," I cautiously let out, slightly shaking my head. My arms and legs begin to tingle again as I feel the warmth creeping back to me. "Is it bad, for me to tell you... I know why Xavier did it, now?"

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