Chapter One

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The blaring sound of music blasted in my ear, jolting me out of my sleep. I groaned and rolled over so I cold slap the alarm clock and shut off the music. I tucked myself back under my covers and closed my eyes so I could go back to sleep. A few seconds later I heard my door creak open, but I chose to ignore it.

"Dallas, wake up." I heard my twin brother, Austin, croak in a voice that clearly demonstrated that he just woke up too.

"No." I groaned and dug myself deeper into my fluffy pink comforter.

I heard him sigh and go quiet. I smiled to myself at the thought of him going away, but my inside celebration was soon cut short when I felt a slimy wet finger rub in my ear. I shrieked and shot up from my pillow. I glared at Austin who was laughing like crazy at the foot of my bed. I kicked him off my bed and wiped out my ear with my tank top. He groaned from the floor and I smirked before stretching and getting out of bed.

"Yuck, put on some clothes." Austin said in disgust while looking at my lack of clothing.

I looked down at my boy shorts and tank top and raised an eyebrow at him. "This is my room and I can dress however I want. I never asked you to come in here." I answered and adjusted my clothes before walking over to my closet to grab an outfit for the day.

"Just hurry up before we're late, I don't feel like getting another detention." He grumbled and walked across the hall to his room.

I waved him off and took my clothes to the bathroom along with some underwear and quickly brushed my teeth before getting into the shower. A few minutes later –and a couple of warnings from Austin- I got out of the shower and put on my outfit. I combed out my wet hair and headed back to my room to finish getting ready. On the way back Austin said something about my outfit and I gave him the middle finger.

I applied some foundation, mascara, blush, eye shadow and eyeliner to make my blue eyes stand out even more. I rubbed some strawberry scented lotion on my arms and legs and slipped on my sandals. I grabbed my phone from the charger, my bag from the desk and walked down the hall to the kitchen where I could hear everyone else talking.

"Good morning." I greeted with a smile to everyone.

"Good morning, sweetie." Mom greeted in her sweet voice. Dad simply waved to me from behind the newspaper and Austin grunted in response. I rolled my eyes at their negative moods and sat down at the table where mom placed a plate of pancakes topped with syrup and bananas.

"Thanks mom." I said and went to start eating my breakfast until a fork came out of nowhere and snatched a piece of pancake off my plate. "Austin!" I hollered and glared at him.

He sent me a smile that showed off the pieces of my pancake and I grimaced in disgust. I kicked him under the table and he went to kick back, but he missed and ended up kicking dad instead.

"Ouch! What the hell, Austin!" dad yelled and threw his newspaper down.

"Dallas started it!" Austin yelled back and pointed at me.

"No I didn't!" I argued and pouted with crossed arms.

"You guys, it's too early for this." Mom sighed and rubbed her temples and then her protruding stomach where my future brother was sleeping.  Hopefully mom doesn't name this one after the city it was conceived in like she did to Austin and I; I have my doubts though seeing as how she and dad spent their anniversary in San Antonio.

I know what you're thinking. If Austin and I are twins doesn't that mean we should have the similar names? Or at least names that rhyme? When Austin and I were made mom and dad actually visited both cities on their honeymoon and weren't too sure in which city the pregnancy took place in so they just went with both.

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