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In me there is no fire
In me there is no flame
In me I hold dearest
My moments of shame

My instant of disappointment,
The marking view of being unable,
Burning as a hot iron.
The weight of being alive,
The pursuit of purpose
Heavy, weighing in

The fight is not for me
For I could live alone and deserted,
Instead, it is for their eyes
Who 'expect', who 'know'.

Either way, emptyness
It kicks and sets in

I myself become a soundless scream
Wrapped in hope --
Or in lack thereof

Under eyes of insult
My heart's in flame
And being ever unable
I just weep all tame

I cobble together dreams
From pieces out of hands
Drawn and inched to ends
That don't meet

I cobble together dreams
From stars and hopes in vain,
Caught by my arms
-- weak, skinny

For in me there is no hope
For me nobody's near,
And my eyes drown and burning
Nobody's to hear

For in me there's so much kindness
Which I've held so dear,
For in me there's so much flesh
For emptyness to tear

For in me there's no fire
Untouched by fear,
For my disappointment
Is all I hold dear

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