Chapter 5- Life Changes (Rewritten)

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Chapter 5- Life Changes

The ride home from Jake's parent's house was quiet and took longer than usual. Neither of us spoke, still reeling from everything we learned. When we got Bree home and in her room, we sat down at the Toy Story table together. 

We knew we needed to talk. 

Jake sat there with his arms on the table, waiting for me to speak first. I got the feeling he wanted me to take the lead on this, hoping I was a little less lost than he was. I wasn't. 

"So," I began.

"So," he said.

"Obviously we can't marry each other. That's just crazy."

"Definitely," he agreed. 

That fact that he agreed with me on that made this conversation much easier. I could do this co-parenting with him because of Bree and he was her father, but I couldn't marry him. I didn't knew if I ever wanted to married and if I didn't it would be a long time from now and definitely not with Jake. 

We both deserved to marry for love, not convenience or circumstance. 

"Can we live together though?" I asked him. "Won't it be weird?"

He looked at Bree, watching her play. "Maybe, but I'd do it for her. I meant what I said yesterday. Bree comes first in everything." 

I nodded. "Your right." 

"I want this case rock solid," he said. "We have the power to do that." 

"Can I just say something?"

He looked at me. "Anything."

"If we are really going considering this, if this is going to happen I just want to clear the air. I know we aren't involved or confidants, and we've had a strained relationship over the the past year or so, but I'd really like it if we could be friends. I think it will make this process a lot easier. I don't want to live with an acquaintance."

He seemed to consider that. "You're right, it would be easier, and right now easy would be helpful. Nothing else is going to be that way." He held out his hand to me for a hand shake. "To friendship."

I shook it. "To Friendship."    

"We can look for a place this weekend if you want. I had plans with Kristy, but I'll cancel them."

"Did she take the news well?" I asked since he brought her up. 

"She's furious, but she's trying to deal with it. We aren't getting along very well right now." He looked at me. "What about you? How'd things go with what's his name?"

I frowned knowing good and well he knew exactly what Caleb's name was. "It was hard, but we're trying to find a way to deal with it. Though all our efforts might be in vain after I tell him about this. He wanted to talk to you by the way."

He raised an eyebrow. "About what?"

"Us. Our relationship. He wanted to know your intentions were honorable and solely for the sake of Bree."

He almost laughed. "He's jealous of me?"

I shoved him lightly. "Don't get too cocky. He's having a hard time understanding this. I told him nothing was going on, but he wants to hear it from you." 

"Have him call me," he chuckled softly.

"He'd rather it be in person. At school maybe."

"As you wish," he sighed, looking more exhausted by the minute. It was a mental sort of tiredness. I knew it well because, I felt it too. It had been a long day. 

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