Chapter 19 | A Fortune for the Future

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Agent 34 and Marque followed close behind Arenia, careful to stay a couple yards away to prevent her from seeing them. Both of them had their hoods covering their faces to prevent villagers from detecting them, as did Arenia.

After walking through the streets for a couple of hours, Arenia was stopped by a doctor who hurried her inside. Before Agent 34 and Marque could follow, someone grabbed Agent 34's arm and pulled him back. Both of them stopped to look at the merchant stopping them.

"Hi sir," Agent 34 looked down to see a short woman pulling at his arm. "Please, come inside and test your future,"

Agent 34 tried to pull away but was surprised by the grip of the lady on his sleeve. "I'm good," He replied, turning on his heel to leave.

"Sir, we have a deal going on right now. If your fortune is as good as a Destigem, it's free," the lady beckoned. He didn't know what she was offering until she said fortune. Agent 34 worrily glanced up to Marque who shrugged. "I'll go keep an eye on her.  Wait for me outside,"

Agent 34 was dragged inside a building that was lining the street. He entered an old gypsy shop but the lady pushed past all of it and led him to a room behind the counter. She sat him down in a cushioned chair that was seated in front of a cauldron, and she sat in the one on the opposite side of it. The walls of the room were blank and there were no windows.

"Now, I need a hair to do the fortune," the lady said, ripping off Agent 34's hood that hid his identity. She gasped and pulled away when she saw him. "You get your fortune free! I already know this'll be good! I'm giving you a real fortune, not the cheap fake ones I give to customers to sucker some money out of them. Hold one second,"

The lady reached under the cauldron and pulled out some herbs and other objects. "First ingredient," the fortune teller pulled a long and sharp tooth out. "A tooth of an Ar'gual," She plopped it into the pot. It began to sizzle instantly.

Agent 34 blankly remembered Arenia covering Ar'gual with him. Ar'gual are goblin-like neutral creatures that didn't partake in the war with Braunick's empire. Arenia had also recently told him that the Ar'gual were a dying species, but not because of Braunick. It was because of the verom before they joined Braunick. Before the war with Braunick, there was the second Verom-Ar'gual War. Veroms ultimately won in the end with the help of a few werewolf clans and nearly wiped out all of the Ar'guals. The ones that survived went into hiding afterwards and refused to come out until they were at a good population rate. That was the real reasoning behind not aiding the Zena in the war. Arenia told him all of this after Braunick was defeated, of course.

The lady pulled a purple and oddly textured flower out of her bag. "A rare verminian flower," she tossed it in. A puff of purple smoke came out of the cauldron and the liquid inside bubbled more, turning purple.

"Now, I need you to dip your finger in and slowly stir. When I say, remove it," the woman commanded.

Agent 34 nodded and dipped him finger into the cauldron. He stirred the liquid inside, it slowly bubbling faster. His finger tingled and he felt something stir inside himself as well.

"Pull it out!" The lady said, and Agent 34 pulled his finger out quickly. It was surprisingly perfectly dry when he did.

The liquid in the cauldron continued stirring despite Agent 34 removing his finger. It stirred faster and faster, and then something came out of it. It was a glass sphere, floating magically.

"This will tell me your fortune," She said. "Please know that this can alter at any moment, even if the exact thing won't happen there will still be the basic thing happening. For example, it tells you that you'll get a horse with multiple spots and it says it'll have twelve spots on it, and you get one with eleven, you still ended up getting a horse with spots. Things like that. If it says it'll happen, it'll happen, even if it isn't exactly precise."

The woman moved her fingers around the ball, and images flickered on the orb. Her hazel eyes studied them intensely, figuring out what they meant.

"You have a very dangerous path in your future," She said. "I'll start by what it said first. There's a betrayal in your family tree, a very dark cloud related to a heart of good. How ironic," Agent 34's face went warm when he knew she was mentioning Braunick. He knew this fortune was real because he told no one but a few members of the Zena of his relations to Braunick. "A family member is keeping a dark secret from everyone as well. Be prepared for a step backwards in your task. A dark cloud is another major threat, and I'm assuming the dark cloud is resembling another evil that the Destigems will face. It states the cloud is disturbed by...water? Odd. It also says isolation can save you sometimes. For the final part of the fortune, a major battle will go down in a new land, more of an oasis controlled by evil, and can alter the fate of Renya and your future."

The last part disturbed him. A major battle will go down in a new land and can alter the fate of Renya and your future. Agent 34 knew what that meant. Braunick wasn't dead.

"Now I see images of gems and only gems," She said. "Loads of colors. Loads of gems,"

Agent 34 leaned forwards quickly with excitement. "How many are there?"

"Wha?" She asked, startled.

"How many gems are there and how many colors?" 

"Uh...let me count," she quickly looked through the images of the gems on the glass ball and counted them. "I see...twenty gems. There's a couple of the same colors, some lighter shades than the others. I see Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Magenta, Cyan, Pink, and...the rest are just lighter variants of those colors. The two odd gems are Black and White. I can just see the unstable energy flowing through those two. Those are the most powerful gems,"

Twenty gems. Agent 34 thought. And we only have three. Braunick has more than half of that. We are absolutely screwed.

"Thank you, very much," Agent 34 stood up to leave, and brushed himself off. He exited quickly without even leaving with the fortune teller's name.

After he left, the glass orb emitted one more image. It showed two brothers slowly growing apart until they reached the point of hatred. "The Destigem...has a brother?"

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