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Biana Dizznee

Twenty-Three Years Ago...From Biana Dizznee's Memory
I rolled out of bed with a groan. Work started in two hours and it would take about half that time to get ready for the day. The other half would be prodding Dex out of bed. Sleepily, I smiled at the thought. Dex and I got married about two years ago and I've never regretted the decision for a second. He treats me like a queen, and he's my king, and we rule the castle we call Hycinthia together... only, it's just us. We have no little princes or princesses running around, but we do have a little Mariminousa, which Sophie says is like a cat with butterfly wings. She also says that he looks like a Birman breed with a Peacock Butterfly's wings, but I've never seen either in real life.

Our Mariminousa is suuuuuper fluffy! He's like our baby, actually. His name is Charlie, after Charlie Brown, the main character in the human movie Juline got me after we all graduated from the elite levels, so we could give him the love he deserved. Dex and I got Charlie after we moved in together, which was after we graduated from the elite levels. I still remember going and picking the little bugger out. He was so tiny, he fit in the palm of my hand! He was found in the neutral territories all alone and his family couldn't be found anywhere, so he was taken to an adoption center, as Mariminousas are popular pets. Now, Dex and I spend our evenings curled up in bed with Charlie, our little baby kitty.

Charlie followed me into the bathroom, curling against my ankles and purring softly, and I couldn't help but giggle and rub between his ears a little. He's such a sweet pea, and sometimes I forget he's a mariminousa for a second. I've been guilty of giving him a seat at the table and buying him sweaters even though Dex promises me that Charlie has enough fur to stay warm. Mom says that I do stuff like this because I need a place to channel my maternal instincts, and that it'll mostly stop when Dex and I have kids (because we have both agreed that we do want to). Then I respond by saying that Charlie will still have his own seat at the table even when I'm a mom, but she always ignores me and asks when she's getting grandkids. She's a little pushy because Fitz and Sophie aren't married yet, but they're taking their time and are just enjoying being a couple and working together for the council. It's sweet, really, but that's not what Dex and I wanted.

We just... wanted to be together, as husband and wife, you know? We just knew that this was it. Dex and Biana. I felt it when I first fell in love with him, and kind of knew all along that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was really sold when he said to me, "Then I'd wait forever." BOOM SHAKA LAKA does that man know how to win over a girl's heart! I definitely swooned inside.

Getting married was like the ending of a fairytale and the beginning of Happily Ever After. We beat the Neverseen the year before we went to the Silver Towers and after that we just got to be in love together, growing up and living normal lives. Everything anyone who'd given their lives to a greater cause during a huge chunk of their teenage years could ever ask for. Dex and I were the second couple of our friends to get married, and I won the bet I made with Dex on whose mom would cry more (definitely mine, she was practically sobbing in the pews!) so it was an emotional time. The only other married couple in our circle of friends was Tam and Marilynn, and they just had their first son, Alexander Song. He's so cute! Whenever we go over, Marilynn always hands me Alexander first thing, probably because she knows I love babies, and possibly also as a way to suggest that Dex and I also have a baby so our babies can be friends. I don't mind though, even when everyone teases that I'm going to steal him away from Tam and Marilynn. I would NEVER do that! ...So I just called dibs on being his go-to baby sitter. Oops.

Tam had known Marilynn from before he went to Exile. They were close family friends but lost touch after Tam chose to go to Exillium with Linh. They found each other again soon after Keefe's wanderling tree planting where they bumped into one another at Vesta Vita's. They caught up, exchanged numbers, and found themselves dating within a few months, and the rest is history. It's nice when things work out, isn't it?

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