I hate thissssss

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I am so frustrated about this I want to cry

I wanted to ask my mom to get me some Palaye Royale merch because I looked on the website while she and my dad went to hang out with some friends

So yeety-tweety when they get home two hours later I want to ask my mom about that and I just opened the tab and told her to come in my room

So she's here and I'm sitting in my chair and she already knows I want to ask her to get me something and she asks what and I just-

Nopenopenopenope all aboard the Nope train to ForgetIEverSaidIt-Vile
(Oh the cringe^^^)

I was so excited to get some stuff because all the actual fandom merch I have is a SIO sweater and then it just ...POOF IT THERE GOES!

I don't even know why I can't ask and it's so frustrating I wanna cry

It doesn't make sense but I swear it's real

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