Part 1, Two-leg

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I often wonder what sort of mixture of pity and curiosity influenced the first horse to adopt the first Two-leg. Was it the odd way they wobbled about like addled chickens? Or maybe the unfortunate manner by which they had lost almost all of their hair? Whatever it was, I too was afflicted with that mix of exasperation and hopeless affection for a Two-leg. My story begins with this Two-leg, on the day we left my home forever. As far as I could see, there were only two differences in that day.

One: a strange smell clung to my two-leg. It was the scent of an animal gone stiff and cold, when the black birds circled lower and lower.

Two: He set free the dancing, orange wind that two legs gathered around on the coldest, darkest nights. It devoured the stable the Two-legs lived in, roaring louder and louder, as if angry about the way the ranch had become silent, all the young Two-legs now tucked beneath the earth.

"C'mon boy," he whispered to me as he pushed me forward into a run, "Let's go find Sam." I snorted, then eagerly stretched out, letting my legs lengthen and warm as we charged together down the empty road.

It might have been just another day, but then something extraordinary happened. My Two-leg turned me off the main road. My ears perked forward as we turned down the dirt path to Timber Ranch. I picked up the pace, lifting my feet a bit higher and jutting out my chest as I raced down the road.

Felicity lived at Timber Ranch. 


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Have you guys guessed where in The Last She this story takes place? I thought I gave plenty of hints but I'm curious to see who figured it out and who is still confused XD

Also, any artists or designers out there? If you are a horse lover, this is your chance! I'd love to have someone make a banner for the differents parts of this short story, or even if you guys have horses and wouldn't mind sharing a picture of them with me for a banner. There will be other horses besides Red, so feel free to use your imagination in what they look like! Anyways, if any of you love drawing horses or want to share a pic, I will dedicate the chapter to you and put it up as a banner.



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