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I notice that he hasn't started the car he's just sitting waiting for something.

"Yo start the car ." I get annoyed. He stays their quiet .

He looks over to the passenger seat and keeps his eye on it . Ugh he wants me sitting next to him . I get out of the car and sit on the passenger side . Then magically my car turns on . The car ride is silent I'm bored and it's awkward.
He pulls up to McDonald's and gets some food now we're just waiting for his order. I'm sitting there scrolling through Instagram . I look up to notice Ethan looking at me with a soft smile on his face . He quickly turns around to grab his order.

Ethan's POV

She's so precious I can't help it .

Mary's POV
We arrived to his house . He gets out of the car and comes over to my side. He puts his hand out for me to grab it . I take his hand and stand up. I walk slowly trying not to hurt my leg . I managed to get upstairs into his room I set up everything so we can get started.
He comes in the room with his food and sits down on his bed eating his fries . He pulls this long wood table over to the bed. I start doing the work  while he's eating. It's getting hot . I take off my hoodie leaving me in my spaghetti strap shirt. I put my hair up into a bun . I guess he noticed because he turned on his fan and the room immediately got cool .  He finally finished eating now he's sitting next to me doing the project.


It's 8 in the afternoon and we're still not done .we haven't talked the whole time we got to his room .

Ethan's POV

I can't control my self I need her right now . I'm getting frustrated. She looks so fucking sexy with that shirt and those leggings showing off all of her curves..........but she'll look better without them.

I get up and lock the door even though nobody's gonna be home till 9 . I get back on the bed, but this time I sit behind her . I take a hold of her waist and stick my head into her neck . I feel her shiver . I pushed her hair off of her shoulder and started kissing her neck .

"You drive me insane." I whispered into her ear .

Mary's POV

Fuck he's putting me in a trance .

Ethan's POV

I pull down the straps on her shoulder.
This girl has me going crazy. Like every second she's brushing my thoughts . I'm falling too hard . I hear soft moans come out of her mouth every time I touch her . I slowly start pulling off her shirt . Then I slowly start pulling down her bottoms leaving her only in her lingerie . I push her down on the bed and slowly start kissing her body . I swear I'm going insane for her . I roam my hands over her body . She bites her lip which causes me to get aroused . I pull off all my clothes leaving me in my Calvin's. I start to take off her lingerie one by one leaving her bare . My member hardened as soon as I saw her bare .

"Damn princess I never knew you could arouse me like that ." I bite my lip .

She pushes me off of her and gets up and starts dressing. I quickly get up and block the door .

"You can't leave ."

"Ethan move !" She shouts .

"You can't go ."  I said getting angry.

"Ethan move out of the fucking way ."

"I can't let you leave me alone ." I exclaimed.

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