Semi Hiatus [With Explanation provided]

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So after reading comments of the chapter with Nagisa shiota. I kinda cried because I have supportive readers, teared up and stuff.

I'm on "Semi-Hiatus". (From tomorrow) The reason is my grandparents are coming to stay in here for a month. They will use my room and I'll be sleeping in the living room and so work outside (Not in my room but anywhere in the house).

As a result, my parents can see what I'm doing and if I'm secretly writing on wattpad or watching anime. (I have a bad habit of doing that). My sister loves getting me into trouble,

I'm sorry if this is confusing. This gives me an opportunity not to be able to write or publish. (Unless my parents leave me alone at home). I will try and answer comments and PM because I have no life.

Anyways, I just want to notify you all. I will try my best and see what I can do such as squeeze it fanfic time. Write stories when I'm in the car going to and from school.

*I will try and upload the valentines day special and other fanfics within my time. 

This is going to happen just for month but it gives me time to focus on my studies. There is both negative and positive. I'll try to go on regularly and thanks for understanding.

Semi Hiatus commences on tomorrow?

This goes for other apps such as Instagram and watching anime.

I know this isn't really clarified properly, please do ask questions. Also requests are open!

btw thanks for 50K views and 2K votes yeet! love those weird comments XD


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