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Young Belle Valentino had always known that being the daughter of a God was going to bite her in the ass. Since age four, she had seen her friends going to baseball games with their dads. To be honest, a lot of them went with "uncles" and step-fathers, but the meaning was still there. Her dad was always busy shooting arrows at unsuspecting victims. Belle had always wondered about her dad's obsession with shooting at people's butt, but who was she to stop her father's obvious source of enjoyment? Even her mother and older sister had scolded her when Belle tried to flush her father's bow and arrows done the toilet.

In literature and in paintings, Belle's father was always portrayed as an under grown adult in the form of a baby. However, he was more of a child in an adult's body. Not many of Belle's friends had the pleasure of meeting Eros, but the few that did were obviously smitten with his blond locks and clear Greek accent. And that was back when they were still pre-teens! Only Zeus was able to comprehend precisely how the hormonal high school students reacted to Belle's dad and his everlasting youth. After all, Belle's grandfather was the ultimate definition of a playboy.

Now, when Belle asked (to be specific, demanded) to be transferred to a public school instead of staying at the Mt. Olympian School for Gods and Goddesses, her parents and extended family were shocked.

Sadly, it was quite possible that a few of her cousins twice removed had caused Hurricane Katrina to occur, but evidence was surprisingly lacking. Nevertheless, only Poseidon shared the power that they held, and back then, he was in the Caribbean's enjoying his vacation. In fact, he had phoned her and congratulated her when made the decision to attend a public school. So, it had to be her cousins twice removed, but it was better not to say anything or risk another major event.

Belle's mother didn't talk to her for weeks, and her father actually caused more mischief out of anger. When the school principal was dismissed for supposedly having an affair with a student, Belle knew that her father was involved. Wisely, she complained to Zeus, who later granted Belle the right to attend a public high school on Earth. Little did she know, Zeus was right in the middle of a rather incriminating phone call and was afraid that her granddaughter was going to rat him out to his wife.

So, Belle was set to attend one of the most prestigious high schools in the nation. After all, if Belle was going to get an education, she might as well have gotten said education from the best there was.

Her mother, always eager for some drama to unfold (she was rather tired and bored from her role as goddess), had soon jumped onto the bandwagon and quite forgave her young daughter. On the first day of school, she had woken up hours before Belle woke up to plan out Belle's outfit and just about everything.

Belle never had to do anything; her mother had everything planned in a blink of an eye. Before Belle had the chance to say thank you, she was taken to school in a shiny white limo.

Unfortunately, that was when all the drama unfolded. Who could have possibly known that the son of the richest man on Earth attended said school? Or the fact that the son ruled the school with an iron fist and had the arrogance that even her grandfather would be proud of?

So poor innocent Belle, who was only eager to see if high school was anything like Mean Girls (or the other Disney movies), had unsuspectingly walked straight into fate's cards. Fate was of course, her meddling distant relative who was obsessed over clichés. Little did Belle know the sweetest clichés involved arrogant rich men and their high school sweethearts.

Oh, the interesting lives that Gods live.

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