Jealous; Lamarcus Alridge

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Jilly gasped and stood up as I walked over.
"Oh my gosh! Kamri! I'm so glad you and Lamarcus could make it." She smiled, as I hugged her tightly.

"Of course girl! We wouldn't miss it!"

We both mingled and sat down before starting to open her gifts. By the middle of the gift exchange, the finger sandwiches had run out and I was still hungry so I slipped away into the kitchen. I sighed and looked through her cabinets.
Typical Jilly...nothing but healthy shit.

"Looking for something?"

I jumped around to see Jilly standing there chuckling. I laughed and playfully pushed her shoulder.
"You scared me girl! If I was pregnant like you I would've peed myself."

"Sorry." She giggled.

"I'm looking for snacks. It's nothing but healthy stuff Jilly." I whined. "Where's is Dejounte's secret stash?"

She sighed and pointed to the lower cabinet that her large stomach prevented her from reaching.
"Don't let him know that I know about his stash."

"I won't." I chuckled, grabbing a chocolate bar.

I looked over the kitchen island to make eye contact with Lamar. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Jilly.

"What's up with you guys?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We got into an argument." I sighed, rolling my eyes.

"Over what girl?"

"My dress. Lamarcus wanted me to change and I said no." I shrugged.

"I didn't take Lamarcus to be the possessive type."

I scoffed.
"Really? I love me a possessive man but he can be overbearing at times."

"If it's any consolation, your ass looks great."

I chuckled and hugged her.
"Thanks babe."

Lamarcus's P.O.V.

I saw Kamri walk out of the kitchen with Jilly and go straight to where everyone was dancing, ignoring my presence. I was over by the mini bar, talking to Dejounte about how he was actually about to be a dad.

"Your really about to be a father man."

"I know. I..I can't believe it either." He smiled, looking over at Jilly's stomach.

"Damn. You cheesing real hard. Your father senses tingling."

He chuckled.
"Man I'm just happy, you know. You never know, maybe your next."

I laughed and scoffed.
"Nah man."

"You don't want a little one with Kamri?"

"Hell Yeah. I want her to be the one and only mother of all my kids, but not yet. Not now atleast." I said, looking over at her dancing with the other girls.

I noticed one of Dejounte's friends in the corner staring at Kamri's ass.
I told her that the fucking dress was to short.

He walked over to her and started chatting her up. I watched intently as she talked back. Nothing flirty...yet. They started to dance together as I glared at them, downing my drink. He slightly gripped her ass and that was it for me. I quickly walked up to them and pushed him off of her before pulling her out of the house, not stopping until we got to the car.

"What the hell Lamar!"

Kamri's P.O.V.

"Lamarcus!" I sighed, pulling my arm away from his.

He didn't say anything..he just unlocked the car and put me in while getting in, himself.

I bit my lip and sighed.

"I told you not to wear that fucking dress." He scoffed.

I rolled my eyes.
"Are you kidding me? You really made a fucking scene for that!"

"Put on your seatbelt."

"No I-"

"Kamri." He said, sternly.

I groaned, putting on my seatbelt, knowing that if I didn't he'd get even angrier. I put my seatbelt on as he started driving away, I turned away, not even looking in his direction.

"Do you like the attention that dress gives you huh? Is that why you wore it? You like the way other guys stare at you?" He scoffed.

I scoffed and raised an eyebrow.
He was jealous.

"Are you jealous Lamar?"

He just rolled his eyes and tightened his grip on the steering wheel which answered my question.

" don't have to be jealous about random ass dudes. They have nothing on you baby."

He sighed and stared ahead, his demeanor softening.

I sighed.
"I'm sorry that I wore the dress alright, but I only have eyes for you. Other guys can stare all they want, but I would never give them the time of day. What I wear does not determine consent to what other guys do."

He sighed and looked at me as we pulled into the driveway.
"I know Kamri. I'm sorry. I let my jealousy get the best of me. I know you don't like it when I get possessive."

I gave him a small smile.
"I forgive you. always turn me on when you get possessive." I said, attaching my lips to his.

He kissed back, giving my thighs a slight squeeze.
"Let's head inside." He said, getting out then coming over to open my door.

As I got out, he smacked my ass and smirked at me.

"Lamarcus!" I squealed.

"Your gonna be saying my name a lot louder than that when we get into the house." He smiled, whispering in my ear.

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