Jealous; Lamarcus Alridge

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Kamri's P

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Kamri's P.O.V.


I sighed and looked in the mirror at my appearance, ignoring my boyfriends plea.
I fluffed my hair up and applied lipstick as I heard heavy footsteps walk into the room.
I looked up to see my boyfriend of 4 months, Lamarcus, standing above me.

His eyes widened and he smiled.
"Damn baby. No wonder you were taking so long. You look amazing!"

I smiled and stood up.
"Thank you babe." I said, kissing him on the cheek and grabbing my purse off of the bed.

His eyesbrows slightly furrowed.
"Maybe a little to amazing.." He said, referring to the length of my dress.

"What does that mean?" I asked, playing clueless because I was not changing out of this dress.

"That dress is a little short Kamri.."

"It's not short Lamarcus. It's almost at my knees." I shrugged.

He raised an eyebrow and narrowed his eyes.
"That is not at your knees."

"Close enough." I shrugged.

"Change Kamri."

"No Lamar."

"Kamri." He said sternly.

"Lamar." I shot back just as sternly.

It had taken me an hour to find a decent outfit. I finally decided on this and I was not going to sift through clothes for another outfit again.

He looked down at his Rolex.
"Kamri come on. We have to leave soon just change please?"

"It took me an hour to find this dress Lamarcus. I'm not changing. Now let's go. You don't want to be late." I said, kissing his cheek and walking out the door.

I heard him sigh and mumble something before following me out.

Lamarcus had an attitude the entire ride and put on the fakest smile when we got up to the door with our gift wrapped specifically in blue paper.
Dejounte opened the door with a smile.
"Lamarcus! Kamri! Come in."

We walked in and each hugged him.

"Congrats on baby #1 D." I smiled as he put the gift down.

"Thank you. I'm..I'm really excited." He smiled, looking genuinely happy.

"Now..where's the mother?" I asked, looking around for Jilly.

"She's in the living room with everyone else."

I nodded, roughly letting go of Lamarcus's hand and walking away.

I walked into the big living room, to see Jilly and her friends chatting and gawking over her new baby stuff.

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