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Violetta Song

Present Day...From The Inner Thoughts Of Violetta Song

I was born in the night. Claire was born in the day. Actually, we were both born on the same day. Claire in the morning, me the same evening. Together, we make up the third wave. However, the two of us are usually referred to as the sun and the moon. You can probably guess which one I am.

I am the shy Violetta.

I am the reliable Violetta.

I am the gentle Violetta.

I am the responsible Violetta.

I am the anxious Violetta.

I am the self-conscious Violetta.

I am the moon, Violetta.

This is how people have always seen me.

This is who I've always been...at least, on the surface.

Deep down, I like to imagine that I'm bold like Claire, that I can go out and do what I want without worrying about what people have to say about me. I dream about being confident and strong. I dream about strutting down the street smiling, laughing, and talking freely with Claire, wearing a pretty dress I would normally be too shy to wear. Boys would turn to look at the both of us, instead of just Claire, and maybe even one would leave me a love note in my locker.

I want to be bold.

I want to be beautiful.

I want to be different.

I want to be the person I am on the inside.

I don't want to be so scared of the world anymore.

I want to be like Claire,

The sun,

My sun,

My best friend.

Claire likes to say that we were born to be best friends, and I guess that's sort of true, even if it's a little cheesy. She also says that she didn't know how she survived those thirteen hours without me the day we were born, but I know she was fine. Not only did she not know who I was, but Claire is strong and independent, and I'm glad she was born first. I would be the one who wouldn't know what to do without my best friend.

I've always followed Claire's lead... well, mostly, I mean, sometimes I make suggestions to her, and usually she takes them full stride. The times she doesn't are when she finds a flaw in my judgement, and usually, she's right, but honestly? It's incredibly rare that Claire disagrees with me. We're on the same page, for the most part.

Claire is my most ferocious defender, my biggest supporter, and my most loyal confidante.

She knows how I want to change and she's been carefully trying to coax me out of my shell. She's gentle about it, realizing that I'm not ready for everything I want to change, and I couldn't ask for a best friend more thoughtful.

Claire is my best friend, and I am proud to say that I am hers.

Claire is my best friend, and I am proud to say that I am hers

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Present Day...Outside of Violetta Song's Head.

Violetta looked up from her scroll and looked around the lunch table. She was sitting next to Claire with a large assortment of images and charts between them. Claire was talking about some sample when she noticed Violetta observing her, "Whatcha thinkin' about, 'Letta?"

"Nothing, just color swatches," Violetta lied with a smile, knowing Claire got concerned when Violetta dove too deeply into her inner thoughts. "Are you sure my dark purple is going to make changes your yellow?"

"Lemon butter gold," Claire corrected, "and I'm certain. They might be opposites, but they bring out the best in one another! That's what complimentary colors are all about. Even though lots of people don't see it that way. But if someone has a problem, they're off the invite list! Nothing is going to ruin our joint Winnowing Gala!"

"I'm really glad we decided to combine ours," smiled Violetta.

Claire reached over and hugged her tightly, beaming, "Me too. It'll be even more special because I'll get to share it with my born-to-be-bestie."

Violetta smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the hug from the girl who could be her twin, feeling love gush through her nerves into her heart plentifully, "Back at you, Claire."


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