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Mathew Espinosa's POV

"Come on Matt, your going to miss your flight if you dont get down here!" I hear my mom call from downstairs as i zip up my suitcase. The first stop we are making on Magcon is Orlando, Florida. We're staying there longer, one whole week! Who knows, i might find a girl down their. wink. wink.

The whole ride to the airport included my mom crying and saying how much she will miss me, and me assuring her that everything would be fine.

I printed out my ticket last night so all i needed to do was check my bag and go through security. My mom insisted on walking with me until she couldnt anymore.

I send a text out to all the boys

"At the airport now, see u soon!"

My mom and I reach security and i pull her into a hug and she gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"You behave mister" she warnes with a smile on her face.

"Love you mom" i chuckle and turn on my heels

"Love you to honey" I turn and smile at her and walk through.

I put on my shoes and jacket. Grab my bag and turn to wave to my mom.

Gate B6 Flight 1809
Departure at 8:10 am
Landing at 12:45pm in Orlando Florida.

I walk to my gate and take a seat to wait until they call zone 1 to board.
I grab my phone from my pocket and decide to go on twitter.

'About to board my flight! See you soon Orlando!! :)'

I recieve a text from Taylor just as i was about to shut off my phone.

Taylorrrr: Hey bro, just wanna let u know my sis is joinin Magcon. Her names Paige and I would appreciate it if you and the guys make her feel welcome.

Me: Yea sure dude. if u want i can just have her hang with me most of the time.

Taylorrrr: actually that sounds good, but dont steal my sister lol.

"Flight 1809 to Orlando Florida will now be boarding zone 1" the lady speaks into the microphone.

I grab my bag and ticket. I hand my ticket to an older man and he gives me an 'i know you from somewhere' look. I give him a small smile and board the plane.

I take my seat next to and elderly couple. As soon as my plane took off my eyes closed and i drifted off into sleep.

My eyes opened to the sound of a crying baby behind me. I ask the older woman text tor how long until we land.

"About 10 minutes" she spoke with a smile. I thank her and wait until the plane lands. The captain announced that we are landing and to keep our seat belts buckled.

It seemed like 5 minutes went by and before i knew it we had landed. I unbuckle and grab my bag and go down to get my luggage.

Once i get there i am greeted my Cam, Bart, Carter, Taylor, and a girl. Actually, a very attractive girl.
Carter spots me and freaks

"Matheeeeewww!!!!!!" Carter yells while running towards me.

"Cartah!" I yell back while giving him a 'bro hug'

The rest of the group comes up to us and i give them hugs, well except tge girl. She is really pretty. She looks like Taylor so Im assuming that she is Paige.

"Hi im Matt" i say to her with a smile. She smiles back. God her smile was gorgeous. Focus Matt focus.

"Paige" she says while smiling again. God she was cute. I cant like her. She's Taylor's sister and i promised i would look out for her.

We all pack into the car and head to the hotel, the whole way there we sing along to the radio. I cant help but look at Paige as she laughs and sings along.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see Cameron staring at me. He looked mad. He must have been watching me watch Paige. Is he mad that i might like her? Does he like her?

If he does there is no way that i could compete with him if he gets to her first. She has to be mine, she has to

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