Nora's POV

One of the things I loved about the woods was at times it would get so peaceful you would feel like you were the only one there. The smell of rain invaded my nostrils giving me a fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The sound of the waterfall gave me a peace of mind every time, I don't completely know why but I was always so drawn to this place.

My wolf was itching to come out but I knew now was not the time. Whenever a wolf was about to surface your body would experience excruciating heat that should only last a second but with me it always seemed to last longer.

"Please bare with me Ambrosia" I begged silently and my body started to cool down "Good girl" I started to slowly undress...starting with the thin material dress that was knotted at the back in a Grecian twist. The dress was a cream colour and was cinched at the waist by a small brown belt. The dress rained on the wet grass and I carefully stepped out of it, I removed my side braid and let my hair surround me. I stood stark naked under the moon, the only thing left on me was the small silver belly chain around my waist that was a custom for every witch to have.

The grass was dewy which gave me the elements I wanted. I made my way over to the edge and jumped in. My body was immediately enveloped in the water. It was nice to not worry about anything. I swam around for a while and then finally went into the small cave.

I sometimes came out here to just think and reflect on my pathetic little life. Nora Watterson; Omega/ Witch of the Silver Hunt pack. I snorted; horrible title that came with no respect or any trust at all.

I attend school like everybody else and only have a year and then I can go off on my own. I would be the first to admit that my life hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows-.

"Nora!" I heard a deep voice and looked around; when I didn't answer he called again "Where are you baby?"

"Russell?"I questioned and from the silence I knew it was him "Russell, this isn't funny"

I became paranoid and got out of the water. I knew what this was. He wasn't going to stop.

My wet hair suck to my skin as I quickly dressed up, only one thing running through my mind "Run"

My breathing was heavy, my legs burning; Tree branches scratched my skin harshly. My mind was completely blank; I could hear him coming closer.

"Come on baby, make my day" I heard him aggressively speak and tried to speed up but he had already caught up with me, smashing me against a tree hard. I hissed in pain closing my eyes slowly. This was fun for him, making me run around the woods while he chased me like a lion would chase its prey. When my eyes opened I was met with his beautiful green eyes. He groaned against my neck, slowly kissing it as he made his way up "Open" he demanded and I whimpered against him pathetically. "Come on baby" he huskily whispered. God this would so not look good, I opened my legs and He lifted me up, heading towards my cottage. "I've had such a shitty week" he mumbled against my neck. He kicked the door open and walked in; walking down the two steps but not before making sure he closed the door.

He didn't' give me chance to reply because the next thing I knew I was being thrown on to my bed. My week has been great, thanks for asking. I rolled my eyes and sat up quickly brushing the hair that had insisted on making me temporarily blind.

"Russell I-" I started to protest but he kissed me hard, interrupting my sentence. He pulled my legs apart roughly and got in between them. He was so distracted on getting me naked he wasn't even paying attention.

I pushed his chest gently and he removed his lips, latching them on to my neck "oh baby" he moaned satisfied

"Russell, maybe we could uh" I panted losing my sentence. Damn him for making me feel this confused "Let's just talk?" I continued and he stopped his movements completely.

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