Chapter-11 "A Wicked Turn Of Events"

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It was past midnight and I was in a deep sleep. Suddenly Jaques barged into my room and started shaking me. I woke up and said
"wassup Jaques what happened.?" he looked really tensed so I became serious he answered
"There's no time for questions princess you just have to follow me"
I did as I was told and followed Jaques as soon as we entered the hallway 5 or 6 tall men wearing black tuxedos, which I assumed were guards surrounded me and Jaques.

Jaques led me to the basement. King was sitting there and as soon as he saw me a look of relief came over his face. He came closer to me and hugged me.
Jaques motioned me to sit down in a carriage that was parked in the basement without making any noise.
I did as I was told.

There was me, father, jaques and some guards in the carriage. Suddenly a huge gate at the back of the basement opened and our carriage exited the Palace.

After 10-15 minutes I broke the silence and asked Jaques
"what happened why did we ran away from the palace..!? "
He replied
" Someone informed the pure bloods that you were back and now they attacked the palace at midnight "
I was shocked and worried as hell

"I didn't knew that the Pure bloods still existed I thought that after the big war all of the pure bloods must have been caught and killed"
I said to Jaques He replied
"princess there are many Pure bloods out there and they just want one thing"
"what"? I asked him
"they want you dead"

Four words. Those four words were enough for me to have a panic attack. I started sobbing. I knew that father was strong and it wasn't me whom I was worried about I was worried about my father and Jaques.
They were the only family I had left with and I didn't wanted to loose them.
Just then I heard some noises behind us turns out that the pure bloods had tracked us down.
Suddenly our carriage collided with a tree and I fainted.

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