11th Doctor Playlist

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Bad music taste ahead, possible artists/songs you may hate don't judge me XD these are the songs that I personally thought went with each chapter but everyone likes different music soo... XD

Also, I'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you for your support and whatnot, and I'm glad you are all enjoying this book as much as I am writing it :)


The Eleventh Hour: Anywhere -Rita Ora

The Beast Below: LA Devotee -Panic! At The Disco

Victory Of The Daleks: Lay It On Me -Vance Joy

The Time Of Angels: Seven Wonders -Fleetwood Mac

Flesh And Stone: Sweet Thing -Keith Urban

The Vampires Of Venice: Trade Mistakes -Panic! At The Disco

Amy's Choice: Beautiful Trauma -P!nk

The Hungry Earth: Brooklyn Apartment (It's Louder Than The TV And The Radio) -Meg Mac

Cold Blood: Waves -Dean Lewis

Vincent And The Doctor: Flashlight -Jessie J

The Lodger: Kiss Me -Ed Sheeran

The Pandorica Opens: Nothing Left To Say Now -Imagine Dragons

The Big Bang: Feel It Still -Portugal. The Man

A Christmas Carol: Silent Night -Michael Bublé


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