Chapter-10 "An Intruder Living In The Palace"

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"So little princess.." Moon said as he came closer to me I backed away not because I found him intimidating (I did a little) but because he was smelling awful and I knew that he was drunk for sure.

"what do you want from me you son of a bitch..! " I said with all the courage I could muster
He chuckled humorlessly and said
" kinky..! I like it" with that said he literally jumped at me thank god I shifted away just in time and he tripped over my dress and fell to the ground tearing my dress in half just right above my knee

Now I realized was the right time to get my doubts cleared. He stood up a while later and I said

"oh dear Moon, you know that if I accuse you of sexual assault you'll be in so much trouble" I said with a smirk
All the colour from moon's face faded and he sat down on the bed taking it all in.
"Okay okay what do you want from me you sneaky little bitch" he growled

"oh oh oh watch your words there asshole. " I said and continued" I just want to get some answers from you"

"go ahead ask" he said
I raised the locket in front of his face and just as he saw the locket he started sweating. I knew something was wrong with the locket just by seeing his reaction

I asked him "What the hell is this? why was this hanging in my room and why you're wearing it?"

He started

"It's a locket that shows that whether a person is pureblood or an hereditary vamp.".
I was shocked and confused in equal measure I remembered Jaques mentioning purebloods and how they wanted to kill me.

I further asked "If this sign or locket or whatever it is shows that you're a pureblood does that mean that you are also a pureblood?"
He nodded and said
"The king doesn't know that I've living in the Palace for the last 16 years"

I asked him "How is that even possible?!"
He answered
"16 years before when I assume you were a little baby the king of the hereditary vamps which is your father and the king of the purebloods which was my father had a dispute" he continued
" Before all the chaos the hereditary vamps and the pure bloods were in a mutual understanding the H.V (hereditary vamps) and the pure bloods were ruling together. But one day my father (the pureblood's king)
Came up with an Idea of division between the kingdom and the king disliked the Idea and said that it would interrupt the peace of the kingdom. My father became furious and planned to kill all the H.V's for the throne. And after some months of planning they set the palace on fire. You must know that all the vampires whether the H.V's or the purebloods are immortal. The only thing that can kill us is holy water. But back then my father didn't had this knowledge so he set the palace on fire.  Your mother was never a vampire so she died in the fire but you were part vampire that's why you were saved and after all the chaos when my father got arrested he was sentenced death. And you were now the only heiress of the crown. Jaques always treated me like his own son and he was very fond of me so he decided to save me from the punishment as I was just 4 yr old and since then he raised me as his own son"

I was amused after hearing this story but moon was not finished and he continued

"Ever since your mother died and you were sent to the human world your father the king hit a new low and fell into major depression and Jaques was practically ruling the kingdom that's why he never knew about me."

Now all my doubts were answered the man and the boy in the picture was Moon and his father
"But you must promise to keep it a secret" said Moon desperately
"I will" I answered "but one more question"  I said
"okay what is it.?" he replied
I asked "why was this locket hanging in my room?"
He smiled and said
"This room belonged to my father"

And with that said he left my room and now I was really keen on knowing more about the H.V's and the purebloods

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