Chapter 43 - Jason's POV

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And that’s why I can’t stay a moment longer.

I turn my eyes from him, yank open the door, and run.

I run through his apartment and out the front door, and I don’t look back.

Reaching the elevator, out of breath, tears mixed in with rainwater streaming down my face, I hit the call elevator button. The door opens immediately.

I fall inside, and I press the button for the lobby.

The door closes, and the elevator starts to descend.

I lean against the wall.

Coldplay’s “Paradise” is playing in the elevator. Some might call it a coincidence. But, to me, it’s a sign from above.

They’re calling for me.

I shut my eyes and rest my head back, exhaling out. “I’m coming,” I tell them.

My time with Jason is over.

It’s time to go home.

Jason's POV

I’m sitting on a chair in the middle of my roof terrace.

The place is still lit up like a Christmas tree. The champagne is still sitting in the cooler by the table. The plates and silverware are still in place on the table. The dinner I cooked last night is still on the counter in the kitchen.

Everything is the same as it was last night.

Except she isn’t here.

I’m alone.

And I’m a good halfway through a fifth of whiskey, which I’ve been drinking straight from the bottle, ’cause that’s how I roll nowadays. I’m just missing the brown paper bag around it.

Also, I’m staring at Squishy and Ducky, who I brought out from the bedroom where Samaya had left them on the nightstand on her side of the bed—she had a side of the bed—and I have set them on the floor in front of me, so I can stare at them and torture myself with thinking about Samaya while getting drunk and listening to James Arthur on repeat. It’s still playing from last night. I never turned it off.

After Samaya ran out of here and I picked my heart up off the floor, I realized that she’d left her bag. I panicked, knowing that she was out in the city with no money and phone. Her hotel was a good thirty-minute walk from my place.

I could have gone after her, but I was sure she wouldn’t want to see me, so I called Paul and had him drive around and look for her.

He found her soaked through and walking in the direction of the hotel.

He got her in the car and drove her the rest of the way. That’s what I’d told him to do.

I’d already called ahead to the hotel to make sure they had a new key card ready for her, as that was in her bag, too.

Paul saw her up to the hotel room and made sure she got in safe.

Then, I had him come back here, get her bag, and take it to her.

I wanted to hold on to it, so she would have to come back. But I knew it wouldn’t be right because that wasn’t the reason I wanted her to come back.

I want her to come…for me.

But she hasn’t.

I haven’t heard anything from her since last night. And, now, it’s today. The night is starting to come in, and I don’t know what the fuck to do.

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