Chapter thirty-five

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I gasped as I finally woke up, Frank was looking at me his eyes filled with worry.

"Will, are you okay?" He asked softly, we were in our dorm room, the yellow walls and grey blankets gave me an odd sense of calm.

"I'm fine," He smiled but then his face turned serious.

"How many days did you keep Nico in the infirmary?" I blinked, why was he talking to me in greek?

"Three," I said slowly my eyebrows creasing. Frank smiled and I couldn't help but do the same. Frank had one of those smiles, it wasn't soft or subtle like Nico's. No, it wasn't like that at all. Fanks smiled shifted his entire face his cheeks rise and his teeth show, crinkles form around his eyes and he looks... free.

"I'll give you a minute then come down to breakfast with us... Nico needs you Will." I nodded stiffly as Frank stood and slowly left the room, his eyes scanned everything almost as if he was looking for something. I sighed and let my shoulders become heavy when he left. Nico was hurting. Of course, he was freaking hurting! I got myself into a stupid situation and now Nico was alone. Great Job Will, Great job. 

I pull my sheets from my waste, They were muddy from my shoes. How do they keep these beds clean? I think Draco mentioned something about stupid elves. I straightened my shirt a tightened my tie. If I was going to pretend to be a prince them I might as well play the part. I pulled a hand through my matted hair and looked at the yellow book poking out from under my pillow. 

"Might as well get this over and done with," I muttered to myself as I pulled the familiar book from the waves of fabric that drowned it. 

Hello William,

Last Night I only controlled you shortly as I had other plans, which you shouldn't try to know about. I simply reported to Umbridge, both her and I couldn't find out what language you and you 'family' use speak to each other and even though I have control of you I can't understand or speak this language. I will find out why this is William and if I find that you have been manipulating me in any way you will regret it.

Goodbye 'prince'


I felt the book tumble from my hands as my stomach lurched, this can't be happening. They has to be able to understand, why wouldn't he? I'm not stopping him from being able to speak Greek so why is this a problem? I don't understand. 


My hands stop shaking, my lungs stop screaming for air. Everything freezes. Nico needs me and I'm wasting time worrying about something that I can't control. I Breathe slowly and calm my frazzled nerves. I tidy up and place my book under my pillow before I walk back into the Hufflepuff common room and through to the great hall.

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