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The sound of laughter filled the atmosphere.We feel like we're back in high school. We may have grown in age but certainly not in mind.Ha ha ha. My stomach's already hurting. These idiots have somehow kept their childish cursing and profanities updated.

Our loud conversation was cut off by the sound of the mic being tested. We made our way through the where the stage is along with the rest of the guest. Om and Nong Mick made their way to the center stage.

"Uhmmm. Good evening.",Nong Mick tiny voice echoed through the whole place." We would like to thank everyone for coming here today to celebrate with us. This business of ours is our baby. It's been a long and challenging four years but somehow we made it.". He gestured Om towards the mic.

"Hmm... I--I would like to thank our, dad thanks for the support", I followed where his looking at and saw two sets of proud parents raising their glasses towards him. " We would have never have done this without you."

"Enjoy the party".Om and Mick raised their glasses and we all cheered in glee.

Nong Per climb up the stage along with the rest of the guys.

"Eer..hello people", Per grinningly says. "As you can see, these two here.." , pointing at Om and Mick at his back." We've been friends for quite a long time, and have known each of us like the back of our hands. I could never find other sets of friends like these guys ...simply because I'm too lazy to find one. Hahaha.. (this earn him a smack from each of the gang J )Well...seriously... Om, Mick to the both of you, congratulations!!!

"And since Friday's Music band is almost present here...( my heart clenched hearing that coz I know exactly who's missing L )Might as well treat you all for a little gig". Per give a wink to the ladies giggling in front ( this kid never changes, he he)

"Actually Om says we cannot have booze until we play first", Knott jokingly announce while signaling a peace sign towards Om's scowling face to which the crowds burst out laughing.

Nong Mick came down the stage and seated next to me.Khom and Knott followed him. Film hits the drums and started the intro beat.Soon the lively upbeat music starts to fill the venue. Guests start to dance to the beat and soon after filled the dance floor. Watching them from my seat reminds me of when they had a play at the convent. It was just like this. Per's voice roars through the whole area while wildly strumming his guitar and banging his head. Such enthusiasm only fueled the guests more. Its funny, even their parents and some older patrons start dancing to the beat when they played "That thing you do" by the Wonders

Nong Mick's permanent smile widen as a familiar tune fills in. Om's singing "Can I Hug You?" earned him a lot of squeals from the girls. But too bad his eyes been glued only to Nong Mick who by the way is now blushing as Om's keep throwing those flirtatious winks at him (poor nong :)).

 But too bad his eyes been glued only to Nong Mick who by the way is now blushing as Om's keep throwing those flirtatious winks at him (poor nong :))

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