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It's been eight years since Olivia Catheart nearly drowned in the waters of Caldwell Beach, urging her parents to move her far away from the sea to the safe confines of the city. Olivia left behind her home, her best friend, and the two most important boys in her life: Miles and Weston Hendricks.

Now sixteen, Olivia is back in Caldwell for the summer to reconnect with her old life and face her fear of the water. But things have changed in the sleepy town, and Olivia's friends have grown up. Miles is still sweet, carefree Miles, but West is different. He's guarded and standoffish, hiding behind the wheel of some rusty old Corvette. Olivia wants to reconnect with everyone in Caldwell, and that includes West, but he wants nothing to do with her. Not until she accidentally digs up his secrets.

But the closer Olivia gets to West, the more strange things keep happening in her life. When Olivia can't stop seeing shadows and hearing voices, she's certain someone's trying to scare her out of town. The problem is, West is the only one who believes her. Desperate to catch the person harassing her, Olivia slips into a downward spiral of obsessiveness and paranoia, until it comes down to not only finding her stalker—but proving that they're real.



-triggering material
-underage drinking
-potentially disturbing/vivid portrayal of paranoia
-things just might get weird ok

But it also contains:

-something like a romance
-realistically flawed characters
-good grammar 👽


Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you so much for reading!

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