Death and how I want it

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Thou art more soft than love himself,
Thou art more gentle than Eros' heart,
Thou art more humble than Aidos renowned,
Thou art have more respect than Zeus himself.

Thou face is so pure and gentle of heart,
That anyone who looks completely falls apart,
They embrace thee as thine beauty is alot just to adore.

Why art thee considered so cruel and so sore?
Why art thee always feared upon?
Thine gentleness is never seen,
Thy kindness is never hear.
For thee bring peace to a dying man,
And help the soul pass with all your hand.
For thee bring calm to a suffering soul,
Thee give comfort and we always want more.

Thanatos thy name,
Ever so renowned.
Not for thy beauty,
But for thy conduct,
Which thy have so born.

Thanatos thy gentle as a breeze,
For thy aren't as painful,
Like others deceive.

Thy let the soul roll in thy arms,
And thy let the soul roam free
As much as it wants,
And then thee guide tis soul
Where it belongs,
So that tis soul doesn't get lost,
In the vast world of dread from above.

Take me in thine arms,
When mine time comes.
But don't snatch me from tis body.

Let me die a death,
That shall be renowned.
Let me die a death,
That shall make people hound.

Let me die in battle of sire,
Let me shed just a bit.
Let me die in battle of sire,
Let me die with my race on my chest.

Let me die as a sacrifice my sire,
Design it so that people who heard,
Won't tremble in fear,
But hate the enemy,
More than they dare.

Let me die as a sacrifice my sire,
Design it so that I may love,
Mine own death as I have loved,
My life till death.

But don't carry me sire,
Kill this soul,
For once I have fulfilled that desire,
I am sure I have no more.

No lust for life,
No lust for that same old life.
Let me die here
For for tis tired soul here,
Is sick of the word called Elysium.

Divided in life,
Divided after it.
It seems unfair as I was never after it,
Sire promise me something,
Kill tis soul,
When it's time.

Let tis soul fade away,
In the abyss of the vast time.

The Dead Revolutionary

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