Chapter 41 - Say you won't let go

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He gives me a secret smile. “You’ll see.”

Jason and his secrets.

Samaya and her secrets.

Except Jason’s secrets always have me smiling.

Mine…not so much.

I’m surprised to see that Paul isn’t waiting for us, but instead, Jason’s Bugatti is parked in front of the hotel.

The doorman tips his hat to me as we leave. I smile at him.

We reach the car, and Jason gets my door for me. I manage to get inside, and he shuts the door with an expensive clunk.

I put my seat belt on and watch him as he makes his way to the driver’s seat, loving the way he walks with such confidence and authority. Jason gets in and starts the engine. He puts on his seat belt and then pulls out into the evening traffic.

Jason’s not talking. His fingers are tapping on the steering wheel along to the song playing on the stereo—Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson’s “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” But it’s not a happy tap, not that it’s an overly happy song, but…there just seems to be almost an edge to him that wasn’t there before. And it’s weird.

I kind of want to ask him what’s up, but at the same time, I don’t as well.

So, instead, I say, “I love this song.”

He gives me a smile that doesn’t reach all the way to his eyes, and then he just turns the music up.


His lack of response and action sets my good mood into unease, so I just stare out the window, looking for a sign of where we might be going, as I hum along with Jason and Kelly.

I’m surprised when I see that we’re near where he lives.

I’m even more surprised when he pulls into the underground parking garage at his apartment building.

“Did you forget something at your place?” I ask him.

With ease, he reverse-parks his car into his parking space, turns the engine off, and puts the emergency brake on. His eyes meet mine. “No. This is where we’re spending our evening.”

“Oh. Okay.”

I’m not disappointed that we’re at Jason’s apartment. I love being at his place. I just thought we were going out somewhere, as he’d told me to dress up and he’s wearing a fancy suit.

Jason gets out of the car. I climb out my side, and I meet him at the front of the car.

He takes my hand in his and leads me to the elevator. Calling the elevator, the door opens. We walk in, and he punches in the code to his apartment. The door closes, and we ride up in silence.

When we reach his apartment, he keys in the code and opens the door, letting us in. The lighting is low.

He closes the door behind us. Then, he takes my hand again and leads me through the apartment, heading through the kitchen.

He stops by the door to his roof terrace. He smiles at me and then pushes it open. “Your romantic movie moment, Sam.”

I give him a curious look and then step through the door. The air is surprisingly warmer up here than it was downstairs.

In all my time spent at Jason’s place, I’ve never been out here before.

It’s gorgeous. There’s a seating area to the left of me. To my right is a table with two chairs, all set up with plates and silverware, and champagne is in a bucket standing by the table.

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