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"Alessandra the world is still the same and besides you know you liked seeing me shirtless, I saw the drool coming from you chin."

Present Alessandra's POV:

I stared at him and scoffed. There was an awkward silence that the shrill ring of my phone shattered. I got up and walked out into the hallway answering the phone.

"Hello Alessandra speaking, who is this?"


"Hey mum," I replied quietly chuckling.

"Well dear we just called to alert you that we'll be at your house in approximately 1 minute."

"Umm....ok.." I whispered hanging up, while in my mind I was screaming NO NO NO!!!!

I ran back into the room to be met by a questioning glance from Blake.

"My parent are going to be here in a minute. Not a word of last night or this morning is to come out of your mouth while they are here. Am I clear?"

"Yea, but I got a question, why and how do you have your own house?!?! I'm 19 and I live in a apartment and your 17!!!"

"Because I work for it, pay my bills, and my parents respect and trust me enough to have my own house."

In that instant the doorbell rang alerting Blake and I of my parents arrival. It when pretty well with my parents except for my mom telling him how she

thought he was a perfect match for me, a person seeming equally as bada** to match me lol.

After they left I was about to say thank you to Blake, when my phone started to ring, and it was from Chief. I ran up to my room and answered the phone.

"Agent Vetra, here."

"Your needed at headquarters now."

"Ok Chief be there soon."

I changed into a pair of black skinnies, a tank top, leather bomber and my favorite pair of Christian Louboutins; my Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots. I grabbed my quick bag; a bag with my gun, knife and emergency clothes, and my car keys.

I caught sight of Blake walking towards the frontdoor.

"Yo, Blake where are you going?"

"My boss called she needs to see me."

"Oh, same here, I would drive you but I have to go now. Do you have transportation?"


"Ok Blake see you later I suppose."

After he walked out the house I locked the doors and set the security system. I opened the garage and got into my platinum silver Lamborghini Revénton.

[a/n: as u can see I like my tricked out sports cars.]

I arrived at headquarters in downtown West Palm Beach in about 25 min. My speed never dropping below 100mph. I parked my car, flashed my badge and walked into the office.

Blake POV:

As I walked into the office the Chief's assistant told me to wait outside 'til she called me in.

Alessandra POV:

Apparently I was getting a partner in this mission. Basically I along with my partner would be watching over Chanel Jacobs, daughter of Kelly and Daryll Jacobs without her thinking that we were stalking her. So we were going to enroll in her high school as juniors. We were assigned because the father was receiving death and kidnapping threats.

After briefing me she called in my partner. The door opened and when I turned around to greet him, my eyes widened in shock and a gasp escaped my mouth, while he just smirked.

Blake POV:

"Well..well...well...Alessandra, we meet again."

"Oh shutup doorstep spy!"

"ENOUGH YOU TWO!" Chief barked, "You know each other?"

"Well Chief," sneered Alessandra, "Let's just say that last night I found him passed out on my driveway...hence the name dootstep spy."

"Hmm, I see...Alessandra," stated the Chief, "well get to know each other cause you shall be flying up to New York to settle down and get ready for school. School starts on Monday also.

I finally managed to ask Chief a question.

"Wait where are we staying?"

"Blake you and Alessandra will be sharing a penthouse, and a room."

My eyes widened in shock. WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's no way I can share a room with her I won't be able to control my urges and hormones!! Not to mention she is mouth-wateringly sexy!!!!!


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