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Four girls sneaking out their houses. They were not rich, but poor. They do work as slaves, but most people do not see them as slaves because of their undeniable beauty. Their long eyelashes, there big brown eyes, their beautiful long hair and their porcelain-like skin. Who would dare to call them slaves with a beauty like that?

Their master keeps them in the house as slaves, but kind enough to let them go around the town as normal people, as long as they ask for permission.

Being the rebellious girls, they decided to just sneak out instead of asking for a permission. Leaving out a member behind because she's sick.

"Hey, why would we sneak out at night if we don't even have a piece of silver?" The youngest suddenly stopped, realizing she didn't have any money.

"Aw, chillax, Yerim. Before I planned all this, I came in prepared." The other girl replied as she pulled out a bag of silver coins.

"What? Where did you get that, Irene?" The girl with a long light brown hair with curls at the edge, exclaimed.

"Oh, now don't stress yourself too much, Wendy." Finally, the fourth girl spoke. Laughing at Wendy's reaction.

"How can I not, Seulgi?" Wendy raised her eyebrows.

"Master Han gave it to Irene the other day. Because she said she needed to buy some things we need for our daily life." Seulgi did the quotation marks on air as she explained.

"Seriously, Irene?" Yerim looked at her. "You lied?"

Irene immediately shakes her head.

"No! We do need this, ain't I right?" Irene nudged Seulgi as Seulgi nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's true anyways."

"Now, let's not waste time and go out to the beautiful park and streets around the royalty line." Irene clapped, earning their attention. She pointed the parks far, far away from them. It will take them an hour to walk to that place, they prefer walking than ride carriages and waste their money on that. Plus, they enjoy walking around that area.

The royalty line they were talking about is the place only for the royalties. Technically, these girls are not allowed to step in the place. But being the rebellious girls, they always sneak in to that place and enjoy the feeling of being a royalty.

They were aware that staying in there and sneaking in too, may cause big trouble, but who cares?

No one goes out of the royal castle especially when it's night time. They know how protective your parents are when they are the rulers of the kingdom. They won't allow you going anywhere you want. That's what sucks when you're part of a royal family.

There's no freedom.

The girls chatted, joked and played with each other as they walked to the place they targetted.

An hour has passed and they arrived at the royal park. They signalled each other shhh before slowly entering the park.

They smiled seeing how much beauty it is in here. Colorful flowers are planted. Aesthetic lights everywhere. It's normal for royalty to see these so they're kind of user of it already, but these simple girls, are amazed of how much effort these took for them to finish the park.

"What are you guys waiting for? Let's go over there!" Seulgi smiled, pointing on the swing on the other side.

They quickly but quietly ran to the swing and was supposed to take a seat when they heard some rustling.

"Stop." Wendy spoke.

"Did you hear that?" Irene asked.

"I think I heard something.." Yerim trailed.

"Yes, you're right. Someone's here." Seulgi whispered.

Suddenly, a strange figure in cloke covering him, appeared in front of them. Making them feel scared and nervous.

Are we caught? They all thought.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

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