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Imagine being their neighbor and when they get loud you go to tell them to be quiet and meet Ethan


I just moved into this really nice two bedroom apartment that i really like. I haven't met any of my neighbors yet but i hope to soon. Right now i am unpacking some dishes into the cupboards as i watch netflix on my computer. I have my laptop on the counter as i put away dishes.

As i am watching i keep hearing yelling and laughing from next door. I decided just to ignore it since im new and i don't wanna be that neighbor that complains about everything. I kept watching and putting away dishes.

Soon the yelling and laughing gets louder and i keep hearing banging sounds. It sounds like someone is throwing stuff at the wall. I groaned and went to go tell them to keep it down. I paused my show and walked over to the apartment next door. I knocked and waited for someone to come.

Soon a really hot boy answers the door with a smile. "Hey can i help you" he asked. "Yes i am your new neighbor and you are being loud and i was wondering if you could keep it down" I asked politely. "Sure sorry" he smiled. "Its totally fine" I said. "Wait your a new neighbor" he asked. I nodded my head yes.

"Im Ethan Dolan" he smiled and held out his hand. I shook it and smiled. "Y/N". "Beautiful name" he smiled at me. "Thank you" I blushed. "Hey Y/N i would love to see you again can i get your number" he asked. "Sure" I started to blush more. He gave me his phone and i put my number in and gave it back to him.

"You better use it" I smirked. "I will" he smiled. "Well see you later" I said. "Bye" he said and closed the door. I walked to my apartment and continued to put away dishes. Wow he was so cute. I have the hottest neighbor ever. I am so glad out of all the apartment complexes in LA that i chose this one. 

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