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"Just keep moving, everything will be fine. So long as you evacuate without panicking, we will all be ok," said Zach, attempting to reassure everyone and keep them from panicking during the evacuation. He paused for a moment to turn around and look at Nico to verify that she was still safe. A small smile tugged at his mouth as he watched her control bursts of water to move each of the bombs away from the city. She was doing her part with as much determination and passion as she could muster, so surely he had to do his. He continued to usher people forward as he dared to steal another glance back at Nico, and his heart stopped. "Nico, above you!" he tried shouting, but she didn't budge. His heart began to race as he realized that if she didn't move soon, she'd get caught in the net that was falling towards her, but she didn't seem to have heard his warning at all. What on earth was wrong with her? She wasn't doing anything at all. She appeared to be wincing as she continued to stare off, caught in a daze. Was she hurt? He immediately sped towards her, watching in dismay as the net wrapped itself around her. Then, without any warning, more nets bean falling from the surface. Nico opened her eyes and looked around until her eyes locked with his, slowly seeming to regain awareness of her surroundings.

"Zach! What're you doing? Get back!" She shouted

Zach shouted back, exasperated, "not until you're safe!"

"There're too many nets! You'll end up caught in them too... Just, please!"

"No, I'm getting you out of there first!"

A wry smile slowly spread across her face as she laughed gently. "I was worried you'd say that," Nico said softly, almost inaudibly. "Take care of June for me." Suddenly, a blast of water sent him spiraling downwards. He almost couldn't believe it. There was a pit in his stomach as he came to the realization that she'd used her powers to keep him from entering the area from which nets were dropping. He hated it when she was like this! Couldn't she just be a little more selfish for once? He watched in despair as the net that trapped her was slowly heaved towards the surface. "No!" He shouted, but it was too late. The net rose about the surface. She was gone.

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