Ayano Aishi x Bullied!Reader (Part 1)

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Had this idea when I watched Jay from the Kubz Scouts play the bullying build from like two months ago lol

Warnings: Musume and her clique bullying you, Light Yandere Ayano?

Their loud hysterical laughter rang in your ears as Musume clapped the chalkboard erasers over your head, chalk getting all over your hair and clothes. You could hear them throw cruel insults towards you, insulting your family, insulting your lack of wealth, and wondering how you were dating one of the most popular girls in school. You only watched as they wrote offensive messages on your desk with whiteboard markers.

Finally satisfied, Kokoro shoved your books out of your hands, "Don't even think about saying a word about this to anyone, they wouldn't care." Kashiko smiled smugly, "Especially Yan-Chan, she dated you out of sympathy."

They let out one last laugh before finally leaving you alone in the classroom.

You picked up your books, setting them neatly on your chair. They're right. You took a long look at the messages, feeling yourself become more dejected as you read them. You wiped away the messages, those girls weren't stupid. They knew they'd get into trouble if they wrote on your desk with a permanent marker. They know you lack the courage to speak out against them, and they use it to their advantage.

You heard soft footsteps. Have they not had enough?

"Have you not had enough?" You mumbled, expecting Musume and her clique to harass you again. You felt a pair of arms wrap around you, "Is something wrong, darling?" You turned around, meeting Ayano's eyes. "No, I'm just really stressed. I'm sorry for talking like that." You pressed a sweet kiss to her cheek, reassuring her.

"If you're that stressed, we could go see a movie." You smiled softly, "You shouldn't worry about me so much." Ayano frowned at your words, "As your girlfriend, it is my job to worry about you." Knowing that Ayano is persistent, you finally gave in. "Fine, we could go see a movie, as long as I pay." If you ever hated anything, it was having someone else pay for you.

Ayano hugged you, "Finally! We haven't had a date in weeks!" You smiled at her excitement, you were quite excited as well.

Am I good enough for you?

You let Ayano pick the movie for this date, she decided to watch a movie called Wonder. You bought two good seats and some snacks for the both of you. Little did you know, two of Musume's lap dogs planned on ruining your date.

Halfway through the movie, you finished your water. Becoming thirsty, you whispered to Ayano, "I finished my water, I'll be back in a minute." She nodded, "Okay, but try to make it quick, it's getting to the good part." You nodded before making your way to the vending machine outside the theater.

"Well if it isn't the loser." You turned your head, becoming intimidated as soon as you saw Hana. "Please don't ruin my date," you pleaded. Hana smirked, stirring the ice in her drink with her straw.

"I'm not going to, I bet you're ruining your own date. You must be a pain in the ass for Yan-Chan."

You frowned, "Not true!"


Your shirt was soaked, soda dripping onto the floor. Hana glared at you, "Don't get too confident, talking back to me and all. We both know you're weak and pathetic."

"Darling, where are you?" A familiar voice called out. You noticed Hana flinching as she heard Ayano's voice.

Ayano noticed your wet shirt, looking at you worriedly, "What happened to your shirt? It's soaked!"

Hana interjected into the conversation before you could say anything. "It was me Yan-Chan, I accidentally stumbled over myself and spilled my drink all over (Name)." She turned to you, a fake apology slipping from her lips, "I'm so sorry, hope you're not mad at me."

"It's fine, you're okay." You tried to make it sound as real as possible.

Ayano looked at her skeptically, not seeming to believe the apology. "Let's go change your shirt, darling."

You both headed to the restroom, Ayano holding your sweater. You took your sweater from Ayano, "Let me change into this." Ayano watched as you walked into the stall.

Why did she look uncomfortable when Hana apologized? Is there something wrong?

You walked out of the stall, holding your wet shirt, "Sweetheart, is there something wrong? Looks like there's something on your mind." Ayano sighed, "You've been acting quite strange lately, you seem distracted everytime we do something."

"Don't even think about saying a word about this to anyone, they wouldn't care."

"Ayano, there's nothing wrong. You just worry too much." You were trying to reassure her, you were trying to get her attention off of your strange behavior.

"(Name), please tell me if ther-"

You crashed your lips against hers, interrupting whatever she was going to say. She wrapped her arms around your neck, deepening the kiss. Not wanting to rush anything, you pulled away, "Why don't I take you back to your house? It's getting pretty late anyway." Ayano played with your hair, her face crimson red. "I wouldn't mind you staying for a while." You felt yourself heat up, knowing that your face is probably as red as Ayano's. "Lead the way."

Ayano smiled as you hugged her from behind, breathing in the scent of her strawberry shampoo. "Honey, what time is it?"

Ayano glanced at her alarm clock, "Nine forty-eight." "I'm probably going to have to go home, although I'd like to stay and cuddle more." Ayano sighed, "Why can't you stay? Your parents don't arrive until morning anyway." You chuckled lightly, "You know how paranoid I get."

Ayano frowned, "Give me a kiss though." You flashed a coy smile, "Okay, okay." You kissed her sweetly, "I'll see you tomorrow, sweetheart. Sweet dreams." Ayano watched as you walked out of her room, making sure you left before standing up.

She walked towards her covered up corkboard, pulling the cloth off of it. Pictures were scattered everywhere, most of the pictures of you, some were pictures of her previous rivals.

Is she cheating?

Her blood was boiling, she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

This might be a complete misunderstanding, maybe something is bothering her.

She pulled out her phone and began typing a message to the infamous Info-Chan.

'(Name) has been distant lately, and I want to know if you have anything that might show why.'

After a few minutes, she was sent several videos.



"What are you going to do now, cry?!"

"Yan-Chan must have a bad taste in people!"

"Don't even think about telling anyone about this, they wouldn't care."

Ayano stared at the screen in disbelief. How long has this been going on? She couldn't believe she didn't notice, she felt angry for not being more observant of you. She chuckled, whispering to herself, "They will pay. They will pay."

She rummaged through a folder, pulling out five photos. Ayano slowly pinned them onto the corkboard, glaring at each of the photos.


This is part 1 my dudes

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