We are Mates?Well isnt that great!chpt.e

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Hey everyone so here is chapter two of We are mates?well isnt that great.Please vote and comment.Also i will be happy to read your stories. :)

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*Camerons pov*

Omg!Aiden!seriously!Okay me and Aiden go way back!As in Aiden bullied me for as long as i could remember.He called me Lil' Girl because im short.Its not my fault he is a giant!How is this exsposed to work when all i want to do is smack that smirk off his face.....well it is a very cute smirk.....no i have to focuse.

I look up to see Aiden leaning down....what do i do?I mean this is Aiden.Aiden!My dads step in son.Step in because im a only child.Well what can I do?reject him?reject my mate?I cant do that i dont even know if i could reject him.Then his lips smash into mine and i know i cant refuse him anything.His lips are gentle and soft but dominate and demanding.We stand there, forgetting our surrounding.His tounge asking for entrance which i refuse....teasing him knowing his wolf will not like it.He growled but i saw him smiling.I pulled back and asked ''Well what know?''-Cameron.''I think we need to talk and get everything out in the open.''-Aiden.

As we walk we come to a path that leads into the woods that are in our packs territory.I feel Aidens big warm hand captured mine.Wow!i mean this is just.....wierd.I break the silence''What do you want to talk about?''-cameron ''Well first of all i want to start new....forgetting the bullying and aggervating.And also i want you to move in with me and for you to know you are also going to be the female alpha when my parents step down.That will be when we have our first pup.''-Aiden.He looks at me as if to make sure i understand.

I stop and pull away before i say''Listen here Aiden.I know how some males are dominate and their females are basically their slaves that is not how this is going to work.You are not going to command,order or force me to do anything i dont want to do.Are we clear on that?''

Aiden looked amused and said''Crystal,babe.''I felt bad afterwards i dont want to seem like a total bitch but i made my mind up a long time ago that i am not going to be controlled by some dumb male.

*Aidens pov*

That silly little female i would never do anything to hurt her.I think i love her.I want to protect and cherish her not hurt her in any way.I hope i can tell her that.But for know we need to go to my place.My place as in my apartment.

''Cameron,babe we need to go to my apartment before it storms.I promise we will not do anything you dont want.I'll even sleep on the couch if it make you happy''

''No its fine i mean i trust you....i dont know why though i guess its because we are mates.''I felt a surge of pride go through me to know that my mate trusts me.I cant wait to get to feel her in my arms.

Sorry i could write more will finish this chapter tomarrow.I will make it longer to please tell me what you think and vote and comment ....xoxoxox beth

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