Love has No boundaries( Teacher/ Student Love Story)

        Coach Blake stood off to the side observing me, with his big piercing blue eyes. His black hair was gelled, pointing up slightly in the front, creating a rugged, sexy look. With a tight, red t-shirt on, every toned muscle in his upper torso was defined, stopping at his sweatpants. The man had the physique of a god.

          "Please stop humiliating yourself, you’re doing it wrong like usual”, Coach yells while quickly yanking the racket out of my hand. Scowling at his perfectly toned back, I watch as he demonstrates a perfect serve; the birdie flying gracefully over the net. Muscles tense, he turns in my direction running a hand over his dark black hair, that's spiked slightly in the front, while his luminous blue eyes shoot me a look of dominance.

        I’ll admit his body is one of pure sexual fantasy, but that personality of his cancels that shit out quick. “ Do you understand now?”

        I shoot him a sarcastic smile, and mumble while retrieving the racket “ Yes, your highness”. Rolling his eyes, he waves his hand in defeat and retreats toward his observing post.

        Taking stance in the exact same position he demonstrated, I proceede to attempt another serve, and watch disappointed as I manage to let the racket fly across the room, impacting with a loud thud. “ Well, shit”, I yelled,  wincing at how loud my words were, compared to the piercing silence that followed the loud thud of the mid-flight racket.

        “Desiree, in my office now.”

        Coach Blake turns quickly, while ushering me to follow with a wave of his hand. Sighing, I turn towards his direction and throw up a silent prayer that I wouldn’t get too bad of a lecture about the safety of rule following and the protocol of curse word punishments. Arriving in his office, I glance at the clenched fist on his desk. “ Listen Coach, I’m really s-”, cutting me off with a shake of the head to stop speaking, he sighs before holding a steady gaze on me.

        “So what is it? Detention, community service for the gym, bad grade? Just get it over with”, I say in angst. The fear of having to clean and organize the gym, all the while spending more than a class period with him a day depresses my mood, as the negatives from that situation dawn on me . A man that not only yells at me, but seemingly takes time to make sure I know I’m being singled out.

        “ Watch your mouth, while you’re in my class okay?”

        “Um..” Breaking off into the silence, as confusion struck me. “That’s it? No detention, no fifteen minute lecture on school policy? Well, okay then. You have yourself a very fine day”, I reply surprised at him sarcastically, before rushing out of the room, eager to start the rest of my afternoon not within school walls. The bell rang signaling freedom; by that time I was already well on my way to the parking lot.



        Going home is always the same thing. I arrive on my street, the big light green house greets me from a far, as well as the empty driveway, and dark windows, which relay to me my parents are either at work, or on yet another “Business trip”, which I seem to find rather suspicious considering they are constantly gone, and leave me something as simple, and unconcerned as a one sentence note.

        And of course the first thing I see on the fridge, is a small note, written on a half ripped off piece of paper, with a coupon for free fries at Joes on the other side, how cute, and personal.


You’re father and I will be out of town for a month, due to the companies new contract being resettled, not going to get into it. But anyways, be good. Call if you need us. Left you money for food and what not.


I laugh at the sheer fact that I couldn’t have gotten a more formal mother than any person in this world.

Grabbing a glass of water, I shake my head in amazement before taking a gulp. Jumping from the sound of my phone, the water spills onto the floor, as what’s left sloshes pathetically at the bottom of the cup, I answer in attempt to make the loud ringing go away.

And of course it’s Miranda, my main bitch, my btf, also known as my big tits friend.

Miranda: Hey slut, what’s up?

Me: Nothing much baby, are you naked?

My voice imitating that of an old perverted man.

Miranda laughs.

Miranda: So listen to this shit. Whose ever gym class wins the physically fit tournament gets a marvelous vacation to Disney World! My ass has a one way ticket there either way, so make sure your class wins Des.

Miranda’s dad being the principle, can be of advantage at times like this, at least for her sake.

Me: I’ll be damned, I had no clue. Seriously?

Miranda: Hundred percent seriously. But got to go, moms bitching again. Peace love and happiness my bitch.

The phone beeps, signaling the end of the conversation. Tossing my bag onto the couch, it dawns on me, my chemistry Homework was probably still laying on the bench in the gym, because I rushed out so fast, in order to flee Coach Blake. Now of course I’ll have to pay for it when my teacher gives me a talk about the importance of homework yet another time.

The doorbell rings, seeming to shake the whole house. I jump up rushing towards the door. Throwing the door open clumsily while managing to hit myself in the face, I stumble backwards in a stupor, almost falling until a hand gripped me, saving me from a fall that probably would’ve hurt like hell.

And out of all the people it could have been, there stood Coach Blake, his sexy asshole self and all, holding not only my arm, but my chemistry homework, in his large hands…



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