Chapter 6- Half of Me

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- - -

Steve's POV

I've lost her all over again.

It feels like some sick joke, that Zoey's going to run back to me at any moment and laugh.

But she doesn't, and I watch as she becomes a tiny dot in the distance.

I want to throw up all the food I've eaten in the past twenty four hours.

The lump in my throat just grows increasingly, until I'm struggling to breathe.

"Steve?" Natasha asks me cautiously, reaching out and touching my arm.

I quickly look at them all for a moment, before turning and running to the nearest jet.


I ignore everyone's protests, running inside the jet, much to the surprise of the agent inside.


"Take me to Brooklyn." I tell him suddenly.


"Take me to Brooklyn, or get out of this plane and let me go myself." I growl.

The agent hesitates, but finally nods and walks into the cockpit.

I turn and watch as the hellicarrier disappears, the team becoming simple dots in my eyesight.

I don't take a seat, simply stand in the plane as we soar towards New York.

The small jet lands on the roof of a large building, and I get out immediately, using the fire escape stairs to get out onto the street.

I look up and down the road, recognising the area and take off in the correct direction.

Our adress gets closer and closer until I end up in front of the little apartment building that Zoey and I live in.

I take out my keys, letting myself in and running up the stairs, opening the door to our apartment.

Two suitcases are packed and waiting by the door, the sight of them making my stomach twist painfully.

I can hear muffled talk further in the apartment, and so I make my way into the kitchen, greeted with the sight of Zoey, her back to me and her phone to her ear.

"And you can get me a room tonight?" She asked to the person on the other line, "I just need to get out of here."

I want to wrench the phone away from her ear and demand she explain everything and stay, but I stand awkwardly in the doorway, waiting politely for her to finish her call.

"Thanks." Zoey told the other person, "I owe you one, really."

She ends the call and pockets her phone, turning around and stopping short at the sight of my large frame in the doorway.

A suffocating silence passes over us, until Zoey decides to break it.

"Whatever youve got to say, I don't want to hear it." She says bluntly, "I'm done with this, and I'm done with you."

"Zoey, why are you acting like this?" I plead for an answer, "We love each other."

"Love? Please, this entire relationship has been a joke." She laughs bitterly, imitating herself in a high pitched voice. "I love Captain America. Oh look he's actually Steve. Faint, faint, cry, cry, he doesn't love me, he loves me. I love him, I don't love him. Cry, cry, death, destruction, I almost die, wake up and finally get to confess everything to him. Cry, cry, cry, lovey-dovey cheesy shit."

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